Bentolicious #001
What is Bento??
Bento or also known as obento is originated from Japan. Basically, bento is a home packed lunch or lunch box. But like a lot of Japanese things, bentos are more artistic and aesthetically pleasing than typical American brown bags. B
entos are becoming popular in many countries now. Many people talk about whether bento is an art or just lunch in a box? For me, bento is a food art from tastes, textures and nutrition. Preparing bento is fun; and food preparation has becoming more and more creative simply due to food choices and fun tools.

This my first attempt to prepare school bento for the kids after the long school holiday. I actually want to make a boy & a girl but finally gave up because of the time limitation in the morning and decided to make 2 boys instead for the bento. I put some carrots and baby green beans wrapped with cabbage. For the meat , it is crispy prawn/ebi katsu. The boys' face are made from the rice. I use cheese and nori to make the hair and for the cheek I use kani stick that I cut only on the red part. Eyes, nose and mouth are from nori. My kani-cheese roll is accidentally broken on the edge when I'm trying to put it on the bento box. That's okay, I will do better next time ... Put some lettuce, broccoli and flower shaped carrot for decorations (of course to be eaten as well by the kids).


These bento food stuff is so cute.. I don't think I'd have the heart to eat this cute lil stuff.. but they're so interesting!

By the way, Lia, do you take orders from overseas? I'm really interested with those egg shapers since last year but I couldn't find one here in Malaysian store! (maybe I just don't know where to look) :D

Ya, I agree with you for their cuteness ... hehehe.
And yes I do take order from overseas, which egg shapers did you mean? If you can give me the item code number, it will be very helpful for me to check the stock. Thanks Cindy!!

OK, Lia. I'll let you know when I've got the green light to buy the egg shaper. I just made a huge purchase online this month and my fiance's monitoring my spending habit now. LOL! But I am definitely gonna get one soon. Whatever it is, I'll let you know soon! :D

Hahaha ... ya sometimes we forgot how much we are spending on online purchase, that's okay. You can contact me anytime :o)

CUTE! Always cute!

zuna_ryuhaimeev @ Jul 30, 2009, 7:58:00 PM

Zuna ... always thanks for your support :o)

Yul..bentolicious..cute blog

Fhia, thanks yah! I'm still learning so please give me some feedback if you have time :o)

hay dear ... :)

Finally I can find you in blogspot :)

Cute Blog .. I will come here often to see your update of Bento :)

Thanks a lot Bunda Key (it's convenient to call you that, hope it's okay hehehe ... ).
I love your blog too ... it's happy we can share a same hobby on the blog :o)