My First Posting
Hello ... hello ... !! I'm so happy and very excited to have a new blog.
This blog will be my bento-diary. I hope through this blog I can find many friends with the same interest in doing bento. I'm still learning how to make good bentos. I also hope I can share some knowledge with all bento lovers not only from Indonesia but from all over the world.

Fell in love with bento since my daughter was 2 years old. It started with collecting the bento stuff which is very hard to find in Jakarta. Basically I just love with cute stuff that come over my eyes hehehe ... since before I got married until now with 2 kids, it never change. My husband and the kids are very supportive in every way. My kids will definitely tell me if they see some bento stuff that is not yet in my collection. And my husband is of course is my biggest financial supporter hahaha ...

For me, blogging for what you like is the best thing to do. I will try my best for 'bentolicious'.
(Thanks a lot to Cindy for the kawaii blog design, she is very professional and very kind. Very recommended blog designer for everyone.)


So Proud of my lil sister with her bento store, keep the good work. can't wait to taste your delicious bento

welcome to Blogger!! :D

wow nice blog. I love Cindy's work too.

So excited with your new cute design bento blog ^^b
This blog make me wanna customize my blog too in the future :D

Good luck!がんばってね^^v

Hi Lia!

I came from Cindy's site. Congrats with the new blog :D

Sorry for posting my 2nd comment, Lia.. but I can't help it.

Congratulations on your new domain!!! This calls for a celebration!

*glass clanks*


Thanks Jenty & Rodney for all your support from far :o)

Ya Sue, I love Cindy's work very much ... And she is a nice person too :o)

Ana, you can contact Cindy whenever you are ready to have a new blog design. Wushu girl?? hehehe ...

Nessa, nice to meet you on the blog.
Thanks a lot for your wishes :o)

Cindy, I'm lucky to pick dynadot as my domain name provider. They are very quick and very helpful. Thanks again to you ...

Hi, Bentolicious, welcome to the bentoing world, saw lots of ur super cute & beautiful bentos, likes ur ideas too, keep up the bentoing spirit, love to see more from u, ;)

@kel : Thanks a lot for visiting kel ... love your blog too :o)

Hi there,

Nice blog you have! super like to see the cute the way, how to contact with Cindy if i'm interested to get a blog design for my blog?

Thanks :)

Hi Lia Chen,

I am Hana. I am interest in doing bento too. I am just a beginer. My dream is that I want to make a good bento for my younger sister and me. I made about 10 bento boxes but it is not the same bento...I wanted to give up " my bento dream" before...until i found your blog. Your blog is great. I felt very peaceful when i see your bento. I can feel your love for your children in your bento too. And i know what is problem in my bento, thanks you Lia Chen

Nice to meet you!!!