Bentolicious #002
This is my 15-minutes quick bento for the kids. For the vegie, I put cabbage and carrot and stirred fried them. For the meat, I put baked salmon and cheese. I just sprinkled some bacos on the top of the salmon. The salmon itself shaped like a coin (I call it salmon coin). I bought them on a deli store near my kids' school.

Put some strawberries and seaweed cut with my puncher for the decoration. At the bottom of salmons is rice as usual for carbohydrate. Doing the quick 15-minutes bento for me is very helpful in the busy morning or if I'm late to wake up and have to prepare the kids' bento.


Oh, it's so cute, Lia! :D

Heeemmm....lucu banget yul. Gmana pesennya? Ke samarinda?

very cute! Makin jago aja nih ce hehehe

This is nice. Now i am hungry :)

Cindy, Zuna, Larryina ... thanks a lot, I hope I can continue to make bento and post it on my blog to share it with all of you. Doing bento sure is fun ... :o)

Fhia, pesen apanya nih? Bentonya? Gile belum sejago itu lah hehehe :o)