Bentolicious #004
Monday always a busy morning as a new week is starting again. I made a simple yellow rice bento with yellow fried chicken and omellete. Decorated with strawberry, small flowers from carrot (orange), radish pickle (yellow) and cucumber (light green). Punched some seaweeds with heart-shaped puncher and wrapped around the yellow rice. In Indonesia yellow rice is also called 'nasi kuning'. The color yellow itself is from turmeric. The flavor of the yellow rice is very rich and smell nice because of coconut milk and orange leaves or Indian Bay leaves that usually added when cooking the yellow rice.


hwa sll cute XD enak banget ce.. kapan2 bikinin dunx.. hwa enak banget jadi anaknya XD

li, itu yg kayak kancing apaan ya? :D

>>Zuna : hayo kapan ke Jakarta, aku bikinin hehehe :o)

>>Gina : yg kayak kancing warna hijau itu food pick bentuknya bundar agak pendek dia jd ng kelihatan kayak food pick yah :o)