Bentolicious #005
Andrew, my son is having his 6th birthday today . For his special day, I prepared a birthday theme bento for him. Put some broccoli and baby corns for the vegetable. Steamed mini chicken mushroom siomay (I used the tofu skin that I soaked into the water from last night instead of siomay skin), stuffed with chicken mince meat and mushroom) for the meat. Decorated with flower-shape carrots, and made the birthday cake ... gift , number 6 and put a star kamaboko on the top of the rice that I've sprinkled with furikake before I put the decorations. I used my small alphabets pasta to write 'happy birthday'.

Wish him a happiest birthday and all the best with all my love. May God always bless him forever and ever.


TOO CUTE!!! Otanjoubi omedetou to your son from me^^

May I know how did you make the "birthday cake" :D


Thanks a lot for the wishes :o)
I used ham and salami to make the cake, just cut the ham and salami into rectangle shapes. To make the hole you can use the bento tools or if you don't have it, you can use small straw. For the candles : I used kamaboko (just took the pink part) and carrot.

Wow.. I admire your passion and patient, Lia! This looks really cute and yummy at the same time - but I don't think I'd have both the passion and especially patient to do this! :P

uh,how long does it take to prepare all this??

Sist...... so cute... Lha ini udah cantik blognya dengan postingan bento2 kerennya. Ntar aku ijin nge-link ya... :)

>>Cindy : You will later hehehe ...
>>Larryina : It took 45 minutes to prepare it :p
>>Tata : Thanks Ta, semoga rajin terus postingnya habis minggu ini karena 2 minggu ini sibuk habis ... wah seneng banget kalo mau di-link :o) silahkan ...