Bentolicious #007
This afternoon was very cloudy and the wind was a little bit cool. After picking up the kids from their school and had a little time before cooking for dinner ... I enjoyed my hot Japanese Green Tea with pineapple bread (called 'roti unyil' because it is a very small bread). I bought the bread from Bogor, apparently this roti unyil is very famous. Many visitors from outside Bogor will always stop by to buy this type of bread. Because of the small size and the variations of the bread, many people including me are consider this bread as a good type of snacks.

You can buy this bread at the store called 'VENUS'
Address : Jl. Pajajaran Komp. V Point No. 1, Bogor
Phone : (0251) 8364008

Besides pineapple bread, the store also makes chocolate bread, cheese bread, sausage and cheese bread, omelet bread, ham bread, banana choco bread, choco peanut bread, and many more ... all of them come in very small size of course. The kids are really like it. It's a good option to put into the kids' snack box.


Yummy bread, I doubt that I could find anything like that in the UK, wonder if I could try making it??

The bread is actually very similar to regular bread ... only the size is very small. It's about one mouthful bite :o)

I think perhaps the dough I use for the hot dog buns would work for this. I may have to experiment at the weekend!

Will be waiting for you to post it on your blog ...

Will do ;0)

Gak sabar nunggu Mbak Lia eksis lagi di Bentostore sambil nunggu banjir stok barang baru di Bentostore nih hehe. Gimana kelas photography-nya mbak? :D

Ta, Bento Store udah mau aku tutup karena kesibukan dengan anak-anak jadi ng bisa nerusin lagi. Jadinya cuman bisa nge-blog di Bentolicious aja deh! Kelas photography udah kelar tp krn msh basic, aku kayaknya hrs banyak belajar jepret nih ... terutama ama kamu Ta yg udah jago banget dan keren2 :o)

O o o o o o ... sedihnya Bentostore mau ditutup hiks2, belum keturutan belanje disono looo T_T