Bentolicious #010
Today I use my small bear cutter to make the frog's head from the skin of the zucchini. I prepare the steam baby corns and green beans which I have add some salt on the top for the veggie. I make cheese-ham ball mixed with potato. And put some cherry tomatoes and tamago furikake too.

I really want to make a frog family in the beginning, after cutting the cucumber skin then I realized that the lunch box is too small to fit the whole family. So mom and dad's frog ... maybe next time :o)

If you don't have any tools to make the small circle for the eyes, you can use a small straw instead. Just cut the straw around 2cm and press it to cheese, ham, kamaboko, etc. (something that it's not too hard). And then use a tooth pick to push it from inside the straw.


lucunyaaaa :)

adorable frogs

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Wow, great bentos and I love your blog. :) The frogs are so cute.

The brother frog and sister frog look so cute and refreshing! Love the idea of using straw to shape the little ayes, tfs Mbak :D

@Susan : Thanks a lot Susan, your blog is also very nice and very inspiring :o)

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Oh No.. this is so cute!!!! My boy was in love with that two froggies... so so cute!!!!

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the frogs are adorable!!
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This is too cute! love it :)

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