Bentolicious #011
Monday is always a very busy day. Maybe because all the activities stopped at the end of the week and start again on Monday. I have a terrible tummy ache in the morning after I drop my kids at school. It takes about 25 minutes from the school to my home ... luckily the tummy ache is very friendly. The tummy ache gets better on the way home :o)

Today, I run out of veggies in the refrigerator so I make bento using cheese as a rabbit-shaped decoration on the top of the white rice. I put fried breaded crab claw and make a chives omelet. In addition, I also put the cherry tomatoes and use carrots and cucumbers for garnish.


:0 kelincinya lucu :D

Thanks a lot Zuna ... Andrew suka cheese jadi bikin pake cheese :o)

these are just too sweet!

@Javapot : Thanks a lot for your comment (^.^)

wah mbak Lia, seperti biasanya, bentonya keren2...

Ohh I love the cheese bunny! They're so cute and edible! :P

Mbak Lia, I love this bento very much! I do love the green and yellow color combination *my favorite!*

Oya, Mbak you got an award on my blog too. Diambil yach! :D

@Wani : thanks yah untuk comment-nya ...

@CJane : thanks Cindy, are you feeling better?

@Tata : thanks a lot Ta ... wah dapet award dari Tata muach :o) harus di pass ke 15 blog lainnya yah? *think hard*

Sis Lia, pake quick melt cheese ya bunny nya. Bagus banget, jadi 3D gitu:)

@Luh Ayu : pakai cheese lembaran biasa seperti yg kraft tapi ini aku pakai yg cheesdale karena yg kraft ng ada yg warna kuning :o)

This is so cute! Beautiful bento!

@Susan Yuen : thanks a lot Susan (^.^)