Bentolicious #013
Do an experiment!! I use food coloring to make different colors for my omelet. By using only one drop of green food coloring into the egg mixture, it creates color effects other than the usual yellow. Some of my friends don't really like using food coloring on their kids' food but I'm not that extreme as for me food coloring is safe as long as we don't use it too much and too often. I put some flower shape carrots on the top of the vegetarian meats and sprinkled it with furikake. Also put some chikuya fish rolls (it is usually available at frozen food section for shabu-shabu). Decorate the rice with green omelet and small flowers from crab stick. Then the mint leaves as the food divider / baran. I don't think the kids will eat the red radish hehehehe ... well just consider it as the accessories then :o)

If you don't like to use food coloring, you can still make the green omelet using green tea powder. In Indonesia, people are using 'daun suji' to get the green color for food coloring. Many Indonesian's traditional cakes are using this leaf.


weee... mbak Lia emang mantaps!! Thanks for the tips ya.. btw mbak, kalo pake daun suji, berarti air perasan-nya y mbak?

@wani : thanks yah! iya, kalo pakai daun suji pake perasan airnya ... selamat mencoba Mbak :o)

Nice green color.

BTW, when I visited Kartika Sari in Bandung last Saturday I found one of the snack (consignment product, not made by KS product) use your logo on its packaging. Not exactly the same, but the resemblance is uncanny.
If it's your product, then it's okay, if not then I just want to let u know that somebody really like ur logo design ^_^

I couldn't use my own URL openID to comment on this site (or other blogger sites), spent 2 hours to tweak my own site but still won't work, sigh ...

@mymealbox : thanks Sis ... and very surprise about the snack product in KS that use my logo (hope is not exactly the same), for sure it's not my product since I didn't sell any food products ... but thanks a lot anyway to let me know about this.

thanks for the tea tip! love the dots cut outs.

@Amanda : no problem ... it's nice to share :o)

Oh, I didn't even realize it was green egg sheet! I don't know, I thought maybe very thin cucumber or something :) But, I really like the green tea idea! I drink matcha every night so we have lots of powder to use. Thank you for the tip!

Boleh nih idenya! Tapi rasanya gak aneh kan ya Mbak Lia??

@sherimiya : you are welcome Sheri ...

@tatabonita : nggak Ta, udah aku cobain dulu ... taruhnya cuman setetes kecil doank jadi ng ngaruh ke rasanya :o) Ta, btw aku masih belum bisa comment di blog kamu yah?

Beautiful colors and I love how delicate the egg sheet looks.

@Susan Yuen : thanks Susan, I was surprised too ... I thought will be dark green (^.^)