Bentolicious #015
Though we never celebrate Halloween in Jakarta, but I tried to prepare simple Halloween's bento. I made the wizard boy bento last Friday which I thought the boy didn't look like a wizard at all :o) For this bento, I put some edamame, flower shapes potatoes, tofu sandwiches, candy shapes sausages and star shapes carrots. The wizard boy was made with rice which I molded by hand and I used nori to make the hat and dress.
For this busy Monday morning, I decided to make the pumpkin & ghost theme for the bento. I used sweet potato to make the pumpkin and white egg to make the ghost. Put some strawberries, white & purple cabbages for the veggies and sliced pork & celery for the meat. The color yellow rice is an egg rice. I will try another one tomorrow ...


What a great idea for sweet potato pumpkin ball! I would have never thought of it :)

@sherimiya : thanks Sheri ... nice to have you always support me with your comments (^.^)

SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uwaaaaaa~~~~ XDDD

@zunaryuhaimeev : arigatou Zuna ... :D