Bentolicious #016
This morning, there was a lot of things to do and I needed to make a quick bento. So I decided to use quail egg to make a ghost from it. This is very easy, just use 1 quail egg and fried it on the pan, don't turn the egg so we can get that golden yellow egg yolk. I made the ghost's hand from white egg with my cutter and some decorations for the bento. Hat and eyes are from nori for edamame and I also made pumpkin carrot. I put snow peas and tomato-basket filled with corns for the veggies. Pull out ebi katsu from the freezer and fried it until brown for the meat. Tada ... another simple Halloween bento for today.


waah haloween Bento! simpel tp lucuu, kl pake cutter manual bisa jg kali ya li, cuman agak lama kali ya? itu pumpkinnya keren :P

@Gina : thanks Gin ... pake cutter bisa sih justru lebih cepet, tapi berhubung gue kagak punya cutternya jadi pake tangan aja deh potongnya (^.^)

Lia, that is so creative and cute!

@Susan : thanks Susan ... (^.^)

Wow, your bentos are so sweet!
Janet @Gourmet Traveller 88
PS. Hope you will travel to HK one day soon : )

@Janet : thanks a lot Janet ... I will try all delicious food in Hong Kong :o)