Bentolicious #017
I made a terrible mistake with this bento. I was supposed to make a panda but instead of using white egg omelet layer, I replaced it with cheese ... and what happened can you guess?? The panda was not white-black panda but yellow-black panda hahaha ... :o) I used twin boxes for the bento. The pink one filled with the onigiri yellow-black panda. And the blue one filled with some veggies (flower carrots, corns, purple cabbages, cherry tomatoes, snow peas) and meats (chicken nuggets, flower ham). After posting this bento, I will meet some friends at Starbucks and have a little chit chat there. And after picking up the kids from the school, I will have to go to take some twilight photos with the other group of friends. Busy day ... have to run now.


What a great bento and I love the pandas! Your photography is wonderful. What kind of camera do you use?

@Susan : Thanks a lot Susan. I'm using Canon 50D with 50mm f/1.4 lens for this bento so I can get that blur on the back ... Just got the camera from hubby on my birthday last July :D

*ngiler* Btw, yg twin box gitu, pengen nyari, tp susah, dan ada yg jual pun, size nya kcl :(

@Zuna : itu punyaku juga kecil kok ukurannya ... Itu serinya Pooh Zun :o)

yellow or white, it is still super cute!

@Amanda : Thanks Amanda (^.^)

Hi, dropping by for my very first time here, i like your bentos, there are so cute..^_^

@Rachel : thanks a lot Rachel ... you also have a great site, I'm really enjoying it :o)

You are very professional in bento works!!

@niger1437 : thanks a lot, you are great too!!

Awwwww!!! Mbak Lia, your bentos are always amazed me :D. Btw, aku baru baca e-mailnya lo, sorry baru kebaca abis kebanyakan e-mail sampe lupa passwordnya lol. Sedih huhuhuhuhu bentostore tutup :'(

Oya mbak, word verification-nya udah ku hapus.... semoga bisa :D

@Tata : thanks banget Ta buat comment-nya yg selalu supportive, aku juga ngefans ama bento-mu hehehe ... ntar aku coba posting comment di blogmu yah! semoga bisa nih kali ini (^.^)

Hi..Susan..salam kenal juga, suka liat koleksi bento nya sangat bermanfaat buat aku yang punya balita nih..

hi I came here thru your fb comment. omg u r so talented! Made me inspired to make some bentos after seeing your artistic creations. will be back for more :) this one makes me hungry...Goooood Joooob!!

Hey, have you ever had masak bareng event? I think this month theme is bento. Wait a minute. Apparently, it's November in Indonesia already. Sorry.

anyway, you made me hungry here

@Fitri : Thanks Fitri sudah maen ke blogku, salam kenal juga nih! Btw namaku Lia hehehe ... :o)

@noobcook : thanks a lot ...

@Borneolady16 : thanks Larryina :o)

@Indonesia-Eats : thanks Pepy ... I love your blog too. Nice photography there with great recipes. Really enjoy it :o)