Chicken Quail Egg Soup
I made the soup this afternoon for the kids' dinner. It has been raining in the afternoon, so I think the hot soup will be nice for them. I like to cook simple & quick meal, just love the simplicity on preparing the foods. This soup only took about 45 minutes to prepare and the ingredients are very easy to find.
1/2 kg of Boneless Chicken Thighs, chopped in dice shapes
1-2 litre of Chicken Stock
10-12 of Quail Eggs, boiled
Leeks, sliced diagonally
2 Corns, peeled
2-3 Carrots, chopped in dice shapes
1/2 Onion, chopped in dice shapes



Beautiful color combination mbak! Btw, aku tinggal komen loh di bento yang ada food pick pandanya... Beri saya pencerahan mbak huhuhuhu

@Tata : thanks Ta ... lagi belajar nih food photography, mulai dari yg simple dulu ;o) food pick panda itu dulu dijual di Bento Store tapi berhubung udah tutup ng di re-stock lagi Ta.

Huwaaaaa.... trus kalo dah mupeng bgt gini belinya dmn mbak??? Photography-nya dah teopebegete asli... :D

@Tata : aku ng pernah liat di Jakarta soalnya emang beli langsung di Jepang, coba online store yg biasa jual barang bento Ta dari luar / ebay pasti ada kok ... walah aku msh harus berguru padamu, oh yah tetap ng bisa comment di blogmu Ta :o(

I'm so jealous! I have been to 11 stores now looking for quail eggs over the past month. And look at all those you have! ;)

Looks really yummy!

I love to see the ingredients in their own little glass bowls. You can appreciate the variety of colors and tastes. Such a healthy and nourishing soup Lia :)

@sherimiya : thanks Sheri, those small glass bowls are very cheap but I love them, it cost only IDR 6,500 each which is around $0.65 for your currency.