Bento Tools #001
I have been collecting food picks for quite sometimes, even before I did the bentos for the kids. My collections have grown after sometimes and I'm still planning to collect more if I can find the cute one. I took the pictures of my food picks this morning when the kids went to swimming lesson with my hubby. Food picks are very useful for decorating kids' lunch box. Small things but they are really great! I remembered when the first time Andrew brought that food picks on his lunch box and I told him to bring back the food picks, don't throw them away. He did exactly what I told, he didn't throw them but gave it to his friends because they love to have it.


I have a long way to go, just to collect all those different kinds..

@Ms. K : Thanks for your comment :o) You will always feel enjoy to collect the things you like ...

omg! your collection is hugeeee! really jealous hehe. I had about 4 sets only, and I think you had 2 of them :D

I adore the panda picks! They are uber cool!

wow, i am SO jealous of your pick collection - so many pretty ones! lucky you!

keren...banyak bgt..
sering2 update bento + toolsnya yaa sist...biar aq bisa belajar jg.. ^^

@noobcook : thanks Wiffy ... some of them I got it from Singapore too. It's hard to find it here sometimes :o)

@Angi : thanks a lot Angi :o)

@megan : hehehe ... thanks a lot Megan (^.^)

@dewi_fajar : iya Dewi ... diusahakan rajin posting terus yah di blog ini jadi bisa sama2 sharing, thanks yah!

Awed by your pretty collection, Lia! And I agree that picks add so much charm to a bento!

@bentobird : thanks a lot bentobird :o)

you have a loooooooooooooot of food picks Lia, and I just have 2 sets!! hiks, really jealous... :)

@mushima hawani : hehehe ... I hope I will not addicted to collect more and more bento accessories :p

Mbak Liaaaaaaaaa..... Kau bikin hatiku meranaaaaa..... huaaa huaaa huaaa huaaa, ditambah lagi dengan kenyataan Bentostore tutup, dah menangis Bombay plus Jalapeno plus Cabe Merah Keriting nih T_T

@tatabonita : Jangan merana donk Ta hehehe ... Gimana nih tugasnya? Pasti udah kangen posting deh, aku sabar nungguin nih disini (^.^)

WOW ... banyak banget koleksinya. Lucu2 :)

@Just a MOM : ini dikumpulin dikit-dikit, begitu dikeluarin baru sadar udah lumayan numpuk :o)

wow, your got a huge picks collection.. Those picks were cute..i love it... ^_^

@Rachel Hei : Thanks Rachel :o)

@Dhita : Thanks a lot Dhita! Cindy from Malaysia designed the blog for me. Your design also very nice and with your talent in cooking and design plus photography ... I'm sure you can make a quite nice and cute bento. Welcome to bento world hehehe ... (^.^)