Bentolicious #019
I just felt nothing special about today's bento. Perhaps the hot weather affected my mood drastically. I didn't have any inspirations at all for today's bento. The school catering is usually my savior if I don't feel or I don't have time to make bento for the kids hehehe ... Tomorrow they will have school catering for lunch. So out of my boredom I just made small onigiri decorated with nori. Inside the box were steamed flower shapes potatoes, steamed broccoli, stir-fry cabbage, yellow tofu, and tuna in tomato sauce.


I think your bento are always adorable, even when uninspired!

@BentoBeginner : thanks a lot for your nice comment, it makes me smile :o)

Your bentos are always so cute! Love the tiny musubis. I love your photography and all of the color combinations. Your bentos are always so fresh and bright.

Lia, I have plenty of uninspired days, but mine never look like this, so cute! I love the mini.... anything tiny is irresistible to me :)

@Susan : thanks a bunch Susan, I am learning ... got the color combination ideas a lot from Sheri and also from your bento :o)

@sherimiya : thanks Sheri for your very supportive comment, I feel better now ;o) I agree with you, the mini is lovely ...

Your bento are so inspiring to me even when you are uninspired! TFS :)

@Just a MOM : thanks a lot for your nice comment Lin :o)