Bentolicious #020
Couldn't sleep well last night because too much coffee in the afternoon and made me very sleepy in the morning. So my sleepiness gave me an idea to make a sleeping bird from my onigiri mold for today's bento. Put かつおぶしkatsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) all over the onigiri, decorated with sausages and kamaboko. Inside the box were doughnut shapes chicken nuggets, flower shapes fried tempeh, cucumbers, red cherry, flower shapes carrots. Tempeh was made from fermented soybeans and very popular in Java Island in Indonesia. It can be found almost in every supermarket.


nicely done indeed. must try out the curly carrot. unfortunatley am not accustomed to the taste of tempeh.

@javapot : that curly carrot is very useful to fill-in some blank spaces ... yup tempeh might taste funny for some people :o)

Coffee too late does the same thing to me; I have to drink it only in the morning :) Love the katsuoboshi effect!

So pretty! I love all of the colors and fantastic photography!

The sleeping bird was cute.. ^_^
I missed tempeh very much, too bad i never got a chance to get it here..

@sherimiya : ya Sheri ... I have to remember not to drink it in the afternoon :p Thanks a lot Sheri!

@Susan : thanks Susan for your comment again ... this shoot wasn't very good actually because I experimented using table lamp and it came out the light was a bit harsh (^.^)

@Rachel : thanks Rachel ... surprised that you like tempeh too (^.^)

Uuuuhhh I miss tempeh, too bad I couldn't get good tempe here.....
BTW your Bento is awsome as always, and the picture is fantastic.

@Just a MOM : I can imagine how do you miss Indonesian food from there and thanks for your nice comment :o)

Tempe is actually easier to find at the natural health product stores here. One time, I found tempe at the Asian store here, it tasted awful! I stick to use the one from natural health product stores.

@Indonesia-Eats : Same here ... tempeh can taste differently from each suppliers. So when I found the good one, usually I stick on it :o)