Bentolicious #021
Nori monsters for Monday. Nothing special about these monsters really. They are made from rice balls (filled with salmon) and covered with nori on the top, decorated with white kamaboko for eyes and mouth. I put some sandwich tofu sprinkled with chili flakes, sausages, sweet potatoes, flowers ham, veggies and pink quail eggs. This weekend I didn't cook because of the bad flu, I lost my appetite so we just made some delivery orders. But I finally managed to cook spaghetti on Sunday afternoon for dinner because I felt much better after the long sleep. My husband became my sauce tester because I did not want the sauce turned out to be too sour or even tasteless. I planned to make spaghetti bento for Monday but nothing left hehehe ... I will be posting another bento tomorrow. Now I need to do some groceries shopping as my fridge is so empty, ohhh nooo :o)


Oh, no, Lia, I'm glad you feel better. You still manage a really cute bento for Monday, I'm impressed! So many little cute details, I'll have to try to remember them all so I can borrow them :)

really like the sausage flowers, ham flower and also the egg flower - very nice.

@sherimiya : thanks a bunch Sheri! I'm OK now ... After suffered a lot from the blocked nose. I also learnt a lot from your bento, others bento and bento books.

@javapot : thanks a lot javapot!

Glad that you are ok now, flu really makes us tired and tasteless.. your bento are full of cutey stuffs, even those monsters are cute.. ^_^

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel ... I thought my flu is ok but tonight I have a blocked nose again urrgggh :o(

I hope you recover quickly from the flu! Beautiful bento, love the monster musubis stuffed with salmon!

@Susan Yuen : thanks Susan for your concern, I need to take some medicines now eventhough I hate to eat them :p

these nori monsters are so adorable! hope they drive the flu monsters away for u!

Cepet sembuh say :) ... lg sakit aja bento-nya cakep kayak gini ... coba kenal dari dulu ya, biar bisa belajar banyak :):)

@noobcook : thanks a lot Wiffy, hope they will (^.^)

@Just a MOM : hahaha ... thanks Lin, hidung masih mampet nih sebel jadinya. Mending telat ketemunya daripada enggak, happy juga bisa ketemu kamu yg demen nge-bento meski jauh (^.^)