Bentolicious #022
I did not make any bento today because my condition is getting worse and started to get a bit feverish. But even not feeling too well, I feel really comforted with the supports from my dear friends from blogger and flickr... you are so kind to give your comments yesterday and even today. My heart is also happy because one of my bentos was chosen by Lisa Orgler. She drew picture based on my bento. She is award-winning artist and designer from Iowa, US. Her works can be enjoyed at The Lunch Box Project and her drawings are all nice, very interesting, really good art! I am really thankful to Lisa who has chosen my bento to be drawn. One of my posting - Baby Orange - will be drawn also by her. She will post it on her blog on Saturday... I will share that picture again with you in this blog.


Get well soon Lia dear .... *hugs*

Hope you get to feeling better soon *hugs*

lia, i'm bummed out to hear you are still sick -- i hope you are getting lots of rest and that you feel better soon!

and congrats on the drawing, that's SO cool! (i loved that bento, and i think the drawing captures its whimsy perfectly.)

Oh Lia, I hope you get better soon! Take care. Congratulations on your bento! :)

Dearest friends (Lina, Angi, Megan, Susan) thanks a lot for your supports and hugs ... I feel a lot better this morning. You are all very kind (^.^)

Dear Lia,
I hope you are feeling better today, getting lots of rest to let your body recover. Congrats on the drawing, and introducing us to the Lunch box project - that's such a cool idea, and she's a brilliant artist! Your bento already are a work of art, now immortalized for everyone to enjoy :) Very happy for you dear!

@sherimiya : thanks a lot Sheri, you are very good friend ... always so kind, I feel bless that I get to know you through blogging. I'm actually thinking will it be nice if everyone of us can get our bento's drawing by Lisa. Especially yours Sheri. Thanks again Sheri for being so supportive to me, very appreciate it!

Lia, I love love love this print! Hugs to yu, I know it's a bummer being sick, I've been the same for the past few days!
I'd love a copy of this print, but Lisa doesn't seem to have it listed anymore on her etsy shop?

@arkonite_babe : thanks a lot arkonite ... I hope you are now in great condition, just so much trouble if we are being sick. I don't know about the copy, but I think you can check it on

Hi Lia, it's not showing on the etsy store any more so she musn't have any left :(