Bentolicious #023
Back to business. After taking some medicines and had a good sleep last night, I felt a lot better this morning (thanks to all sweet & nice friends too). Today's bento was Ultraman made from small rice balls decorated with crab sticks and radish pickles. Besides that I put flower sausages, edamame, leaf shapes chayotes, baby carrots, and enokitake mushroom えのき茸 wrapped in thin pork slices. I found the ready-to-use pack of edamame at the fruit store near our house, it came with original flavor and salt added flavor. This was very convenience for me.

Chayote usually has sap. So after peeling the skin and cut it into the shape we want,
don't forget to soak in salt water for some time to clean the sap.


Hi there, you have really nice bentos. I would love to put your link in my blogroll. :)

Oops, you already in my blogroll. LOL!

@shoppingmum : thanks a lot to put me on your blogroll ... you are very creative, I always enjoy your blog (^.^)

I love every details on your bento, it's very inspiring ...TFS great work!!

@Just a MOM : thanks Lin for your kind comment (^.^)

Another cute bento from you, i love the ultramen, they are pretty cute.. ^_^

@Rachel Hei : 谢谢你 。。。

liaaaaa... bentonya keren-kerennnn... thanks for stopping at my blog.. duh dah lama banget gak diupdate ^__^

@Rita Bellnad : Thanks Rita ... aku juga suka intip blognya kamu :o)

I love your blog.


@Fairy Footprints : thanks a lot to visit and leave your comment on my blog Heidi!

ha ha ha, i was also planning to make these ultraman rice balls. Another cute bento!

@javapot : thanks a lot! you make the cuter one I bet :o)