Bentolicious #024
Arrrggh ... making a character bento will be so frustrated when the end result is not as what you expect. I made this Pikachu bento for my son's request but was not happy with the result. My pokeballs also were not very nice because I cut the crab stick in the middle to get the red & white stick together and I forgot that cut in the middle of the crab stick can cause the pokeball roll in the middle instead of flat. No time to re-do, I let it that way ... the rolling pokeball hahaha :o) I put scrambled egg on the top of Pikachu shapes rice and decorated with nori, crab stick, and ham. I pressed down the scrambled egg with my skimmer (choose the one with small holes) to get smoother texture. Inside the bento box are salted snow peas, flower shapes carrots, and doughnut shapes chicken nuggets.

I borrowed my kids' Pokemon book from their collection for the background. Audrey and Andrew like Pokemon very much. They have collected the DVD's, books, comics, the small characters, magnet stacks, and they even have the dictionary of the Pokemons. They can memorize all the names of Pokemon while I just remember Pikachu and Pichu. But they were not getting the collections free. They changed with what we call 'star reward'. Funny I'm still doing it and the kids still love it. So for every good marks in school, practicing their piano lesson, go to their swimming lesson, do their homework without been told, and other good things ... they will get a star reward. But if they do the opposite then the star reward will be deducted from their chart. I am using the star reward to teach the kids about discipline and independent. Although they already understood the concepts now, we still keep doing it because we are happy with the star rewards.


Ha ha, Lia, your kids are such big fans but I bet loved your effort! Good idea with the star rewards too... how old are your kids? It's good when they know good behavior will be rewarded; I hope my 2 year old will get there soon!

@sherimiya : thanks Sheri! My daughter will be 9 this December and my son is 6 this year. Yup ... kids like to be rewarded for their good behaviors. I hope I don't have to do the star reward forever hehehe :o)

great pokemon bento esp. the pokeball!! gonna make one too soon :)

@javapot : thank you javapot! very appreciate your comment :o)

aq link yaaa.... ^^

pokeballnya masih ok kok Li, dan yg penting rasanya kan uenak! crabstick gitu :D

pasti excited anakmu :)

@dewi_fajar : thanks yah Dewi!

@Gina : hahaha ... iya. Mereka minta bikin karakter lain, gawat dah :p

Aw I know it is frustrating when it doesn't come out the way you want! But it does look amazing!!! You did a great job :D

Such a cute bento! Love the Pokeman theme and all of the details. :)

@BentoforKidlet : Thanks a lot Jenn (^.^)

@Susan Yuen : thanks a lot Susan!

Kereeeeeeennnn!!! pasti anaknya seneng banget.
Too bad disekolahnya anak2ku nggak boleh ada character, jacket, sepatu, tas dan lunch box harus bebas dari segala karakter. Jadi aku kurang bebas berekpresi nich. Setiap kali ngliat bento yg ada karakter-nya cuman bisa bengong dan ber uuuhh .. aaahhh .. saja dlm hati. (sorry komen-nya kpanjangan)

keren mbak bentonya.. aku link y mbak

btw mbak lia, kalo beli perlengkapan bento biasanya dimana y kalau di jakarta?

Di Yogya susah bgt nyarinya. Dan karena bento store nya mbak Lia udah tutup, bingung deh.. Ini pengen nitip temen yang ke Jakarta.

@Just a MOM : Kok dilarang yah? Disini sih bebas sih kalo yg karakter anak2 gitu. Iya sayang yah jd ng bisa bikin. Aku senang lagi dengan comment2-mu Lin, thanks a lot yah!

@mushima hawani : coba cari di Daiso, ada di Blok M dan Kelapa Gading atau di Surabaya juga ada Mbak. Wah senang deh kalau mau di-link hehehe ... Thanks yah Mbak sudah berkunjung lagi :o)

This bento is great.. ^_^
I am not ready to try those cartoon characters for my bento without the mould, i know it will turn out something else..@~@

@Rachel Hei : hahaha ... yes, this was my first attempt. Not really confidence :o) Thanks Rachel ... Have a nice weekend!