Bentolicious #026
I only prepared snack bento this morning because the kids will having school catering for lunch. I didn't put many inside the box just some steam veggies like baby carrots and green beans, flower shapes pork sausages, sweetened cherry, and bear shapes kamabokos. I put garlic butter on the pitta bread and rolled it with mushroom chicken ham. Cut it into half so it can fit inside the snack box. Almost forgot to mention thin slices of cucumber. I carved the apple but it seemed no space anymore in the box, so just eat it myself after the snack bento ready.


Ha ha, so cute Lia! I do the same, eating up the extras after packing :)

@sherimiya : thanks Sheri ... we have something in common hahaha :o)

Awh ... too cute!!

@Just a MOM : thanks Lina :o)

Nom nom nom Cadbury's!! The best part about moving to the UK. It all looks yummy as usual ;)

I love the green things in your bento, Lia..

your bento always looks adorable and refreshing, i like they way you arrange those veggie.. got to learn from you, because my bentos arrangement always make me headache.. >.<

@Angi : Thanks Angi ... I seldom give my kids chocolate but they got an exception for today.

@mushima hawani : thanks Wani!

@Rachel Hei : thanks for your nice comment Rachel! I also learn a lot from Sheri, Debra, Megan, and many more on flickr for the arrangements (^.^)

if only my bento is as gorgeous as yours, I wonder if that would make me concentrate harder at work and get excited towards lunch time ha ha.

@dedicated2bento : hahaha ... I think you will. Thanks for your comment :o)

lia the kamakobo bears are soooo cute, did you get at your local market? this is another wonderful little bento, i love it!

@megan : Yes Megan, those kamaboko bears are from my local supermarket. Kind of hard to find sometimes ... Thanks Megan for your nice comment (^.^)

another lovely bento, love your idea on the thin cucumber - well done!

@javapot : thanks a lot for the comment :o)