Bentolicious #028
Made 2 little boys for today's bento. The rice was molded with my sushi mold and I put minced pork cooked with sweet soya sauce from dinner leftover, in the middle of the rice. Wrapped it half with nori and decorated it with crab stick, nori, and heart shapes carrot. Inside today's bento box were steamed broccoli, fried chicken fillets, and I put tiny orange in the corner. Flower shapes carrots were used for food divider. I rarely put the fruits on the kids' bento box because they usually have their fruit-time after school at home. But this orange was really small so I just packed it for the kids to enjoy. That little red thing on the orange was sweetened red cherry that I cut to cover the hole in the middle of the orange ;o)


Don't know how you always have such a bright and cheerful bento Lia! Always brings a smile when I see it! Love all the tiny details in this one, so cute :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! You are the first ... This is not pure my idea Sheri ... I usually browse around the internet and from my bento books. Put some foods here and there for my bento hehehe ...

oh, good then I can benefit from your research by looking at yours for ideas for mine, hehe!

Another cute bento! I enjoy your blog so much TFS ^_^

@sherimiya : I'm happy to do all the research and share it with everyone. Your blog is very inspiring too :o)

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lina ... muachh :x

this looks great, will give this a go soon :)

@javapot : Thanks Javapot!

Your bento are just so nicely done.

Another cutey bento from you..^_^.. you cut the carrot heart by mould or just using knife? I love the shape, pretty nice..

@Sue Sue : Thanks a lot Sue :o)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! The heart shapes carrot was cut with cutter/mold (^.^)

Hi, this is my first visit, you really have tremendous bento. I am glad to know such a wonderful blog.
Great Job!! (^_^)

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! Love your blog too ... will read more from your blog :o)

Thank you very much! Glad to find your blog, you never fail to make me feel wowed everytime I come here :)