Bentolicious #029
Happy because today is Friday and tomorrow will be weekend again. I only made snack bento this morning. As everyone would know by now ... if I just prepare snack bento then it means my kids will eating from school catering, how nice is that? I put cheesy mashed potato on the orange food cup with Pooh shapes carrot on the top. Just realize all the colors were orange ... not so good in picture. Then I also put barbecue pork sausage, bee quail egg, pea pods, strawberries, and half of boiled egg in the snack box. The white things like vermicelli which are not ... They are konyaku jelly but with the shapes of noodle. They are tasteless but very good to put them in the soup, shabu-shabu しゃぶしゃぶ or just eat them with other foods / drinks.
I received another award from Dolly. She is a teenage baker and her blog is just really great with a lot of creative recipes. I love to visit her blog, hoping that someday I can do all the baking properly. She is also good with food photography, looking at her food pictures just make me drooling :o) This award came with requirement to state 7 things about myself and after that I will have to nominate 7 others blogger. I made my homework last night and these are 7 things about me (at least my husband think so) :

(1) I am a determined person, if I have set my mind into something, then I will not rest
until I am done with it or until I am satisfied that I have succeed.

(2) And yet, I get bored pretty easily. Once I achieve what I set to achieve,
then I move to the next thing in life, a new project, a new hobby (not a new hubby ...)

(3) I don't like to gossip or mingle in other people's business.
(4) I am a disciplined person, I like things in order.
(5) I love romantic movies and I can watch Korean serial drama until 2am.
(6) I always want to go to Japan and shop the bento tools until I drop.
(7) I am scare of cockroach.

It was hard for me to choose only 7 blogger friends that I will pass this award to. And these are 7 bloggers that I finally nominate :

(1) Sheri - Happy Little Bento
(2) Tata - Bonito Food
(3) Susan - Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook, Bentos and More for Kids
(4) Ratri - Hana Cupcakes
(5) Megan - Bento Zen
(6) Debra - Hapa Bento
(7) Wiffy - Noob Cook


Hi Lia, another adorable bento! Love the cute pooh faces and little honeybee. Liked to read about your 7 things too, thanks for sharing! My mom also is hooked on Korean dramas, he he! Thank you for passing to me. Fun to get to know each other better this way :)

@sherimiya : Thanks Sheri! I am happy to pass the award for you because you have a wonderful, inspirational blog ... and creative of course.

Hey Lia, you are also one of the fanatic fan for K-Drama. Me too will watch till wee hours in the morning and only have about 2 hrs sleep before off to work. Currently I am mad about Taiwanese drama. :)

@Sue Sue : Ah I have a friend now ... I also love Taiwanese Drama but the serial usually shorter than K-Drama. If the serial is the good one than can watch every night, no need to cook-lah hahahaha :o)

Such a lovely bento, I love the bee. How you make the quail egg became yellow colour?

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! I use the food coloring to make the yellow quail egg. Or if you don't like to use food coloring then you can use turmeric to get that yellow color :o)

The bee was really sharp in this bento, snap her on my first sight..haha.. cute little bee..
Congratulation on the award, you deserve it with all the cutey bentos you made..^_^

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! I actually want to give you one but then I noticed you've got the same award already hahaha ...

Thanks Lia Chen, thanks for sharing. Will try it out one day :)

the tiny bee is so cute, and cheesy potatoes sound like EXACTLY what i would want for lunch, what a yummy snack! the konyaku bundles are super cute too.

thanks so much for the nomination, can't wait to think of my seven things!

The honey bee is so cute! It doesn't look too orange to me, your bento are always adorable!

Aw, this bento looks so good! I like the little bee and the rice noodles. They look like little packages =)Everything fit's well together ^-^

I love konnyaku and that quail egg bee is sooooooo cute!
It's so nice to get to know more about you ^.^ TFS

Cute bento!!! Thank you for the award and it was fun to read those things about you. :)

Aaaaaa!!!! So much thank you Mbak Lia... gonna post it right away :D. Hurray!!!

@Vanessa : You are welcome, love to share it :o)

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! I am happy to pass the award to you. I will reading 7 things about you soon :o)

@BentoForKidlet : Thanks Jenn for your nice comment :o)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! Glad that you like it (^.^)

@Just a MOM : Thank you so much Lin! *Hugs*

@Susan Yuen : Thanks Susan ... Have a lot of fun reading on your blog :o)

@tatabonita : No problem Tata, you deserve it :o)

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That bee is super cute. I love looking at your bento talent! No wonder you've been awarded. I enjoyed reading your 7 things and like you I also enjoy the Korean soaps, but unlike you I am NOT organized. I wish I was.

Thank you for passing the award to me. I honored to be amoungst the talented bentoists that you've recognized. Thanks again.

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra for your kind words. I enjoy a lot reading on your blog and it's nice to know that you like K-Drama too :o)

This one is perfect for cold and rainy weather :D