Bento Cupcakes
Who will not be interested in cupcakes? Their small size and cute decorations on the top just make me fall in love with them. Apparently I can't get away from anything cute hehehe ... :o) I usually try to avoid too much sugar in my snacks, but the cupcakes made by my online friend Ratri have a different story. She is very good and talented in making the details and all her designs are cute, not to mention the cupcakes tastes really good. I have been ordered couple of times for my husband's birthday, kids' birthday, friends' birthday, and last Christmas and Easter. But this time I want to reward myself and asked Ratri to make bento theme cupcakes. What? You might think this is too much ... but I love to reward myself sometimes. Make me appreciate who I am and always be grateful for my life. Enjoyed the cupcakes with the kids yesterday after school, had some quality time and of course took some pictures. The kids helped me to put Audrey's books collection of Rainbow Magic for the background. I just want to share these cupcakes with all my blogging friends. And thanks a lot for Ratri, who has been making all these wonderful super cute bento cupcakes for me.
My bento eaters are specially featured on this post ... it was so hard to take the kids' picture since Andrew always moved and laughed. They are lovely though and finally I could get their picture although Andrew's is a little blur on the picture. Well, I have to learn more and be patient to take their pictures next time.

Contact Person : Ratri


OMG!!... those cup cakes are soooooooo cute!!!! .... and you have super cute kids too ^_^

@Just a MOM : Thanks Lina, I can only share the pics. If you are in Jakarta then I will definitely send you some :o)

OMG I am fainting with awe at these supersuperadorable cupcakes, Lia!! Your friend is sooo talented. What a fantastic idea, and I am such a miniature fan that I can barely stand all the cuteness. Thank you for sharing; I can see why you love her sweets :)
Your children are lovely, so sweet and happy, no doubt because of their loving mom! I have the same problem taking pics of my girl. Each one has a blur for her, she cannot stay still for even one moment. Only ones I can take are when she falls asleep, ha ha! Love your post, dear :)

@sherimiya : Thanks Sheri for your comment. My wi-fi finally back. Happy that you enjoy the post (^.^)

these are just goregous!!

those cupcakes make me speechless..

@javapot : Thanks javapot :o)

@mushima hawani : all credit to Ratri for her best cupcakes :o)

OMG... your friend is so talent.. i never seen a cute cupcake like this before.. Oh dear~ i love them.. cant get my eyes out of those cupcakes, they are just too cute to me.. ^@^

@Rachel : Thanks Rachel ... Ratri is very good in making small details with fondant.

@Dhita : Yup Dhita, I always love her cupcakes. Thanks for visiting my blog :o)

Thank you for sharing Ratri's lovely works of cupcake art with us, Lia! What a great inspiration...

Oh my! Those are so cute! I cannot believe they are little cupcakes!!

You're kiddos are adorable too! :)

@bentobird : You are welcome ... I am happy to share it will all of you :o)

@BentoForKidlet : Thanks a lot Jenn for your comment :o)

oh my your friend is really talented. They are so so so adorable! ^_^

@noobcook : Thanks Wiffy for your comment :o)

i'm DYING from the cuteness! the cupcakes and your kids both!! wonderful and inspiring post :-)

@Megan : thanks a lot Megan for your kind words :o)

The cupcakes are just too cute to take a bite. I wouldn't want to eat it. Sayang la to take a bite of it. It must be delish.

Amazing cupcakes!!! They all are so cute and your children are beautiful. My daughter loves the rainbow series too. :)

@Sue Sue : Hehehe ... Ya, you are right Sue. But finally have to eat them too :o)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Girls usually love the rainbow series because all the fairies look so pretty :o)

OMG those cupcakes are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Your kids are as cute as those cute cupcakes too! :D

@CJane : Thanks a lot Cindy for your nice comment. I wish I can share those cupcakes to you, I knew you love cupcakes ;o)

First time I saw theme, I couldn't believe that they were my creations :)
thank u soo much mba Lia to make my cuppies prittier with those nice shot pictures!
Salam to your lovely children, and husband. They must be very proud of you as a mother and wife ^_^

@Ratri Muditasari : Thanks Ratri ... it has been a pleasure for being able to post your cute and yummy cupcakes on my blog. Keep the good works, GBU.