Fried Chicken Parsley
I marinated some chicken drumlettes today and made fried chicken parsley. I always love the simple and quick way because it's saving my time around the kitchen. This fried chicken parsley is really easy and quick to make. Just follow the following recipe. It can be served for breakfast-lunch-dinner, potluck, snack time, picnic and perfect for bento also. And oh by the way, my kids wanted me to pointed out that those were their small teddy bears on the picture.
> 1kg of chicken drumlettes <
> fresh parsley, chopped finely <
> 2 tea spoons of salt <
> 2 tea spoons of chicken powder <

| How to Cook |
(1) Marinate the chicken drumlettes with chopped parsley, salt and chicken powder
for about 30-45 minutes in the fridge.

(2) After that, take out from the fridge and deep fried them
until they are turning golden brown.
(3) Ready to serve.

I always use my 'shield' for deep-frying as you can see on the above pictures ... otherwise the oil sometimes will be everywhere.


They look really good. And you shot a perfect picture! ^-^

Hey Lia, Thanks for the award! This chicken dish looks really yummy and I hope to try it out this week!

Wow... looks yummy :)

Waaaaahh pasti enak nich, kapan2 aku contek ya :)

I love easy recipe.. Thanx Lia for sharing..

Hemmm.... one fried chicken drumstick please... Love the pict *green :D, my fave*. It must have been a fun photography session :D

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan for your nice comment :o)

@Angi : You are welcome Angi! I am very happy can pass that award to you. You are one happy and great mom for sure :o)

@Bento_adorer : Thanks a lot!

@mushima hawani : Love to share it Wani ... Thanks for your visit :o)

@tatabonita : I use chicken drumlette but of course you can replace it with chicken drumstick too :) Ahh yah green is your favorite color. Sure a lot of fun and not so fun sessions while taking the pictures. My boy won't stop to move around the teddy bear hahaha ...

Yum, Lia! I am drooling after your photo, and I have already eaten dinner too! Me too, I love the quick prep dinners... leaving more time for other things.. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

@Just a MOM : Thanks Lin :o)

@sherimiya : Thanks Sheri!

Thank you for the tutorial, I must try your recipe! The chicken looks delicious and the photos are beautiful.

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!