Baby Orange Juice
Crazy in the couple of hot days. I made juice again for the kids, hope they will drink it after school or I guess my son will say something to me and find the reason to refuse it. But mom always smarter ... so I used what we called here 'Jeruk Baby' or Baby Orange which is not a baby orange for real. They had a same size with other types of orange. One thing that made them different from other oranges was this type of orange taste very sweet and we almost couldn't find that sour or kind of sweet-sour taste on it. Here, many parents gave this baby orange juice to their babies (5 months old and above). My kids still love this baby orange juice until now. Maybe that the reason we called it Baby Orange in the first place. I put the juice in the refrigerator and when the kids got home, the juice will ready cool & fresh. Oh yah BTW, that Allesi's blue orange-squeezer with goblet was from my friend Kiani. Love to use it.


your pictures are stunning! The oranges (and juice) shots are making me thirsty!!

@Amanda : thanks a lot Amanda! I love taking food pictures lately ... and decided to start with the simple foods and drinks for my kids :o)

uwa.... btw baru taw ada ya jeruk bayi? XD pulang cb nanya :P zuna juga ga demen makan jeruk, kalo jusnya sih oke2 aja... soalnya jeruk.. emang masem sih = =~ dan ada biji XD

@Zuna : ada Zun, biasa di supermarket / toko buah suka ada ... kalo yg ini ng asem sama sekali jd yg ng suka orange juice biasanya suka jeruk baby :o)

Uuuuhhhh jeruk bayi emang manis, sayang disini nggak ada.
Photonya keren2 Lia :) ...

@Just a MOM : thanks Lin, emang itu jeruk baby selalu favorite-nya anak-anak ... aku lagi demen jepret photo makanan jadi makanan buat anak-anak dijadiin percobaan hehehe :o)