Tips - Boiled Egg Flower
I want to share some tips about how to make a nice flower cut on boiled egg. Maybe some of you already know these tips before but still no harm to share it for them who want to know how to make the above cut. The tools that you need are small sharp knife and fruit baller. Forgive me if the pictures were not clear. I took it tonight with not enough light on my dining table. My husband was helping me to hold the egg (so his hand were all over the pictures, not mine hahaha ... ). I supposed to be the hand model and my husband took the pictures but he could not seem to do the focus, so we changed role. I have to admit ... nice hands though :o)
The following are the steps on how to use small sharp knife and the result :
1. Cut the egg with the tip of the knife ... not to deep, just say 0.5cm
2. Cut it with the zigzag pattern to create the effect,
do that for the whole round of the egg
3. Then when you have done cutting it, just pull the egg apart slowly ... otherwise, like me your husband has to eat it
4. There you go
And the steps for using fruit baller are almost the same with using small sharp knife :
For the fruit baller, you just need to press the baller into the boiled egg to create the semi round/circle effect. Do that for the whole round of the egg.
Once finished, pull it apart ... again slowly.

If you take out the egg yolk, then you can use it as food cup and fill it with some foods.


Hihihi LOL, I agree, nice hands... Mbak Lia, I just visited J-List btw and all the cute bento stuffs there just made me crazy o o o o o o o...

@tatabonita : yup Tata, J-List has many cute bento accessories but I think it will be expensive for the shipping fee to Indonesia, don't you think? You can try or (from Malaysia).

Iya sih... meluncuuuuurrrr.... Tq Tq Tq....

I wouldn't have thought of the melon baller. That's really cool :)

Thanks for the tip Lia. The eggs look beautiful ^-^

@Angi : Thanks Angi to leave your comment, you can make one for your bento :o)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan :o)

Oooh, thank you Lia! You make it look so easy, but I know it's not true, at least for me! I want to practice though, so I can make a beautiful egg flower one of these days.. Good thing I have lots of volunteers to take care of all the mistakes sure to come :)

ha ha ha, if u didn't say tat was DH's hands I wouldn't have think otherwise.

thanks for sharing the tuitorial, it was useful :) he he he...more pls

@javapot : hahaha ... thanks Javapot! I will posting some tips that I knew again for sure, so I can share it with everyone here :o)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri ... I'm sure your volunteers will always happy to help ;o)

TFS Lia :) the melon baller one is so cool, I will try it on my next bento ^.^

Nice Sharing Lia..
Nice hands from your husband and he is so lovely in helping you ..^_^

@Rachel Hei : Thanks Rachel ... I might ask him again to help me for hand model hahaha :o)

@Just a MOM : I'm happy to share it Lin ... You are so welcome to try it on your bento ;o)

Thank you for sharing! Oh dear, my knife skills are bad and I'm clumsy, but glad to learn the trick of making the beautiful flower.

@noobcook : Thanks for your comment Wiffy.

Wah!!!!!! you very geng!!!!!!!!!!!