Tips - Egg Mold
Today is a public holiday in Indonesia. So we have a long weekend this time. I didn't make any bento for the kids but instead we were making cute shapes boiled eggs with my egg molds. The following are my egg molds collection. Some of them are quail eggs mold. These egg molds are great for making different kinds of shapes from boiled chicken egg or quail egg. Kids just love to eat them rather than the usual boiled egg shapes. From those who are not familiar to use the egg mold, you can see the tips below.
(1) Boil the eggs for 5-10 minutes after the water boiling point.
(2) After that run the tap water over the hot eggs and quickly peeled them.
(3) Put the peeled egg in the egg mold and close / lock them tightly.
(4) Put the egg mold inside cold water for about 15 minutes.
(5) Open the egg mold to get the cute shapes from the egg mold.
(6) Some highlights that you want to remember are :
- Don't wait until the boiled egg cold to put them in the egg mold. The boiled egg should be hot / warm so it can be shaped.
- Sometimes the boiled egg get the ugly shapes because the size of the egg is too big or the boiled egg is not formed because the size of the egg is too small.
You will know what size of the egg you need to use for each egg mold after you try one.


Love the pictures... cute hands and egg molds. Ohh.. and nice kitchen sink

@Bento_adorer : Thanks for your kind words. The kids become my hand model this time hehehe :o)

haha.. i like that cute hand with eggs picture too.. i got only few egg moulds for the moment, got to collect more because my gal likes boiled egg too.. ^_^

Love the pictures, and your collection of bento kits is making me so jealous ^.^

@Rachel Hei : Thanks Rachel! I think the egg molds are worth it to collect hehehe :o)

@Just a MOM : Thanks Lin! I love to collect bento tools maybe just because it's hard to find it here. So whenever I get a chance to buy then I will :o)

Hi Lia! I am so impressed by your extensive egg mold collection, esp. since I have not even a single one! Don't know why, I rarely boil eggs except for quail eggs. Maybe I should start; you make it look easy. You are such a great photographer, with lovely models :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! I am flattered hehehe ... :D

Wow you really got a lot of bento gadgets! Where you buy those?

@Sue Sue : Thanks Sue! I bought my bento gadgets from here and there. Mostly I asked my friend to send it from Japan, Daiso in Jakarta & Singapore, Tokyu Hands in Taiwan, and recently I bought from online shop in Malaysia hehehe ... Anywhere I can spot the bento gadgets :D

Great tutorial! I'll have to use my egg molds more often. Yours come out so perfect! :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks Susan ... When I first started to use my egg mold, most of the egg came out ugly because the egg is too big. But learn from my mistake, I knew how to choose the right size for my each mold hehehe :o)

Wow, those pictures look great! Really beautiful. And thanks for your tip. I don't have an egg mold, but I wish to have it ^-^ Maybe I will have them under the Christmas tree this year ;)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! I will keep my fingers crossed and hope Santa will fulfill your wishes :o)

Does the Mickey Mouse one work well? I have the Hello Kitty mold and no matter what size egg I use I can't get a nice shape/imprint.

I wondering when we will see your hands Lia..:p

Nice picture as always..

@Angi : I am ok with the Hello Kitty mold but the Mickey mold will not get a very good shapes in the ears area. I am still working on that, do some experiments and will let you know later :o)

@mushima hawani : Thanks Wani! The time will come and you will be able to see my hand soon hahaha ... :o)

Hello there, you have such a lovely blog. And the talent and patience to create such lovely food art for your family!

May I have your feedback please? I am looking to get a few egg molds for my little nieces.

1. Among the rabbit-bear-fish-car-star-heart egg mold series, may I know which ones are easier to achieve good results ie. full imprint of the mold? Which don't work so well?

2. Generally will the "normal" size eggs work, or we need bigger eggs?

Would be very grateful for your advice, thank you!

@belinda-tang : Hi Belinda! Sorry for the late reply. Rabbit, bear, and fish molds are easier to achieve good results. You can use regular size of egg for them. But for the car, you need to get a bigger/larger egg otherwise you can't get a perfect print and shape. Something that I learned from using egg mold that after awhile I get to know which perfect size of egg to use for each molds :)

Oh thanks so much for the info Lia, you're a star!! ^-^

Where did you get the other molds like the bear and such?