Bentolicious #033
This bento was for my daughter. I made lunch box instead of snack box for her because she had to practice drama for one and a half hour after the exam. I put 2 rice balls, thin sliced fried chickens, carrots & baby corns, fish balls stuffed with chicken minced, and leaf shapes zucchini. I also made some small flowers with 3 colors from the egg sheets. Punched them with the puncher and put them on the top of the rice balls and thin sliced fried chickens.

And below was for my son's snack box. I didn't put too many for his snack box only flower sandwiches (cheese and mushroom ham) with Snoopy stamped on the top, slices of persimmon and red cherry. This snack box is definitely very quick to prepare. I just got lost somewhere ... somehow ... blank, no inspiration at all when I prepared this snack box. Hope I can do a better one for tomorrow's snack box :o)


Wow, the first one is exploding with flowers! that's really great! How have you made the egg sheet that thin and colorful? I have some punches, too. But I don't have the heart to use them on other things than nori or "Esspapier", because I don't know how to clean them after using =/

Good luck on making a nicer bento for your son tomorrow. ;)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! I use some drops of food coloring for the egg sheet to make them colorful. Just don't pour too much on the non-stick pan then you will get a thin egg sheet. I rinse my puncher after use with water and soap and dry it quickly with my hair dryer hehehe :) That's what I do to keep them clean.

Love those rice balls ... looks soooo pretty!!! and I also like the way you arrange the persimmons ^.^

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lina for your kind words :o)

Hope your kids are doing good in thier exam.
I have same question as Lil Chan... thanks for sharing, will try it out next week :)
Your Snoopy sandwich looks perfectly fine, simple & nice.

Lia Chen, where u normally order bento tools?

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! I usually ask my friend to send it from Japan or from Daiso in Jakarta & Singapore. But this couple of months I have been buying online on and, they are in Malaysia so the shipping fee to Indonesia will not too expensive.

I'm never be creative for my lunch box.

Your lunch boxes are so pretty. Love the persimmons cut and rice balls

@Indonesia-Eats : Thanks a lot Pepy for your kind words :o)

OMG OMG they're so cute!! I swear if I could make my foods as cute as that, I could probably lose weight A LOT by New Year - I could never eat those cute foods. Too cute to eat. LoL

lia how did you get the colored egg sheets SO THIN?? you made them yourself like crepes?
i see your comments to lil'chan about the color, i will definitely have to try this.

the carved leaves are just exquisite...

@CJane : Thanks a lot Cindy! Then you will have to start making one to lose weight hehehe ... ;o)

@megan : Thanks Megan ... You should try it, really fun. Yes, do it like making a crepes :o)

Lia that bento is so beautiful with all of the flowers! The Snoopy sandwiches are adorable too. :)

Mbak Lia, I always love your colored egg sheets. They always turned out perfectly beautiful(just like translucent, slippery and the food coloring seemed could mix well with the egg batter). I've tried it once *thin layer* but it wasn't as good as yours :'(. Any other tips? Thanks :D

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a bunch Susan! Love to read your comment :o)

@tatabonita : There is no special tips for mixing the egg and the food coloring. What I do is just simply put some drop of food coloring while stirring the mixture to get the color I want. Don't forget to filter the mixture and cook over the lowest heat to avoid the bubbles on the top of the egg sheet. I love to use 28cm diameter flat non-stick pan while making my thin egg sheet. I don't know it helps or not but find it very useful for me :o)

Mba Lia, i've always admired your bentos.. aku baru 2 hari ini nyoba bikin bento tp belum bs se rapi punya mba.. hehe oia bentostore nya dah ga jualan ya mba.. huhu

@Rara Pramasasya : Thanks a lot Rara ... Wah asyik nih temen nge-bento nambah lagi. Ayo donk di-posting biar rame nih Ra!

all the colourful bits of deco really reminds me of a pretty colourful garland. snoopy is a favourite of mine too :)

@javapot : Thanks a lot javapot!

Everyone else already said it all, Lia... those colorful egg sheets are your specialty, and the numerous punches shows your patience! So pretty, can't wait to see the next ones :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! You always being supportive and make me want to learn more about bento ;o)

Snoopy!! cute, great bento!

@Rachel : Thanks a lot Rachel :o)

Love the flakes on top of the rice balls. What kind of puncher u use? Can I use those crafts type sold at Daiso? :x

@noobcook : Thanks Wiffy! I also use the craft puncher from 'Carla Craft' so sure you can use those punchers from Daiso too ;o)