Bentolicious #037
Christmas wreath for today's snack bento. It only contained 2 money pocket shapes fried dumplings, kumquat oranges, sweetened red and green cherry. Christmas wreath itself was made from white steam rice decorated with thin layer of cucumber and paprikas (green, yellow, red). Yesterday, my kids asked me to put our Christmas wreath at the front door because some of our neighbors who are Christian have put that on their front door. Hahahaha … I'm not the one who love to decorate our house with Christmas accessories, my husband is. The Christmas stuffs will be pull out from the box very soon.


Hi Lia, I love the wreath idea! It's so simple, but looks nice with the little cutouts which you do so well... They look like tiny berries :) And goes so nicely with your teeny ornament balls scattered in the background. You set up such a pretty scene, I have to look at everything after the bento itself, so I stare quite awhile at the photo! Beautiful!

Christmas is a great time to be creative in every kind of crafting ;) Even if you are not christian a nicely decorated house and bento is just fine!

lovely wreath. i agree with sheri, was enjoying looking at the details - well done.

Hey Lia Chen, you're very creative on this. I can already feel the Christmas mood in the air.

your kids make me remember my childhood. I used to ask my friend who is Christiani to make a christmast decor in early December, because I like to watch the lamp in christmast tree..

btw Lia, i hope I have 25% of your creativity in making bento..

Wow, a Christmas wreath! What a great idea. And it looks beautiful ^-^ I love it. It's a prefect picture, together with those decoration ;)

The wreath is such a creative idea for a bento, just in time for Christmas! Beautiful :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! You are very nice ... I'm happy to read your comment, glad you like the photo's setting (^.^)

@Amaaris : Thanks a lot Amaa!

@javapot : Thanks a lot javapot!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Anncoo!

@mushima hawani : Thanks a lot Wani! I am not that creative ... I also learn from many great bento makers in my blogroll. Jia You!! You can too ;o)

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@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy!

Another cute bento!!! I love every details and colors. BTW how did you shape the rice? it's so neat ... love it :):)

I love the wreath, it was cute to fit in the bento.. hehe.. you are always so detail with the tiny thing in the bento.. ^_^

Gorgeous wreath!!! I love the colors, they are all so nicely out together!

@Just a MOM : Thanks Lina! I use my rice burger mold to shape the rice and use the round cookie cutter ring to out the center ;o)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks Rachel, you are always so kind :o)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan (^.^)

Hi Lia Chen, thanks for leaving me a comment in blog! I love reading your blog too, all your bento are so creative! Already bookmark your blog :)

This is fabulous! The wreath is inspired and I love how you placed your background props. A lovely holiday photo.

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks for your nice comment. It's nice to find your blog about bento too :o)

@hapabento : Very sweet of you ... thanks a lot Debra (^.^)

:) I'm in love with your creations! Awesome