Bentolicious #038
Today's snack bento was still on Christmas theme. I used my small square rice mold to make 2 little Christmas presents. I stuffed some tuna mayo inside the rice and decorated it with red and green ribbons made from egg sheet. To get that rubber looks of ribbon, I added 1/2 tea spoon of corn starch (dissolve with 7,5ml of water) in the 2 eggs mixture. Found that tips on my bento book, hope this will useful for others too. I got some new food picks from my Japanese friend and tried the heart shapes picks to pinch the ribbon. And guess what? I got the purple potatoes and decided to use it. Even though the color combination was not so good in the snack box but I'm excited. I was quite surprised when I found the purple potatoes because I never seen that before available in Jakarta. Well, I can say that this was the first time in my life to see that purple potatoes. The color was dark purple inside after I steamed it. Thanks to Sheri for her posting about this type of potato, very useful information. Inside the snack box : veggie puff pastry cut in half, purple potatoes, egg rolls, and broccoli.


Look very festive again! I like the presents so much (and they have my favourite onigiri-filling), and your new picks fit perfectly. I should try purple potatoes, too..they look great! Do they taste like normal ones?

@Amaaris : Thanks a lot Amaaris! The purple potatoes taste just like sweet potatoes in my opinion :o)

WOW! Another new creation. 要不要收徒弟?

Looks fabulous! I am going to try the egg sheet trick, it looks so adorable on the packages!

This looks beautiful! What a nice gift snack box ;) Your egg sheets came out great. I like the colors ^-^ And congratulation on finding purple potatoes ;) You lucky one =^-^=

This is gorgeous Lia! So creative. Thanks for the cornstarch tip for the egg sheets. I must try it too.

I love those presents onigiri soooo much ^.^ thanks for the tips.

Thanks for the egg tutorial!!! The colors came out fabulous. Another wonderful bento!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Anncoo ... 我不敢,是应该我问你 要不要收徒弟 才对 哈哈哈 。。。

@BentoForKidlet : Love the egg sheet ... you should try it. Thanks a lot Jenn!

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan for your sweet comment :o)

@hapabento : Yes, I believe you will turn the egg sheet into something amazing later. Thanks Debra (^.^)

@Just a MOM : Thanks to you too Lin!

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan for the nice and encouraging comment (^.^)

wow, i love the present Lia.. thank you for the tip to make the ribbon. I will try it someday..

@mushima hawani : Thanks a lot Wani! Happy to share :o)

Hi Lia! So glad to see you found the purple potatoes, just when you were saying you never saw them before! Same with me. I only first saw them this year too... maybe they were always there but I never noticed? Anyway, now you can add the lovely purple color too.. it is a nice contrast here. And I love the gifts. I thought at first it was tofu, 'cuz your rice is so smooth :) Love the neatness of your bento, always !

Sheri, the purple potatoes are not common in my country. The shapes isn't exactly the same with what you have. It's kind of sweet yellow honey potatoes look alike, taste the same too. And yes my rice looks like tofu because the direct light is too strong so I lost the texture when shoot the picture. Thanks a lot Sheri! Your comment always power me up :D

Wow! Thanks for the tips on the egg sheet ribbons, they look really like rubber! Nice! Must try this out :)

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks to visit my blog again :o)

Send me this present please... :D. Is your potato the purple sweet one? If it's so, I've got it so much in my life LOL. My grandma plants it :D. I recently made it for purple sweet potato balls coated with fresh shredded coconut flesh that my friends like to call it Klepon though the balls I made had no glutinous rice flour addition hehehe.

@tatabonita : hahaha sure Ta, I will give it to you :) I have no clue at all for the purple potatoes. You are so lucky, you can have many of them. It will be interesting to try your purple sweet potatoes ball ;o)

Your bentos are so cute!!!

@pigpigscorner : Thanks a lot for your comment and for visiting my blog. You have a great blog too, I'm one of your followers now :o)