Bentolicious #039
I made the Snowman to continue the Christmas theme bento. The kids will have their last school day on this Thursday and then yeah ... school holiday will start then until 10 January, 2010. So this week it's my chance to prepare bento for the kids. Hope I can manage to keep posting something (I'll figure it out later) during the school holiday. Kids were very excited to decorate their bedroom with Christmas ornaments yesterday and they offered to decorate our bedroom too, very nice of them but I'm still thinking about that. Maybe I will just ask them to decorate little Christmas tree downstairs instead. Inside today's bento : rice burger covered with nori and cheese snowman on the top, steamed baby carrots, lap-chiong (sweetened chinese sausage), baby carrot and edamame skewers.


Hi Lia! Wow, your kids are so lucky to have such a long break from school.. I bet they have lots of fun planned! I don't plan to make bento while my kids are off... I am looking forward to your posts on recipes and tips, and maybe see pictures of your bento goodies and stuff! Love your cute and cheerful bento, such a playful snowman :)

Yes, it would be nice to have a break for holiday and a break for making bento too ;o)
Thanks for your nice words Sheri!!

I just don't what to say~~~just keep starring at this beautiful masterpiece ;DD

@Anncoo : You are very sweet ... I am flattered reading on your comment hehehe :D Thanks a lot Anncoo!

Oh, wow... this is... so beautiful! I wish there would be snow here to build such a nice guy *bob*
It's really a piece of art, this bento ;)

@Lil'chan : I am kind of struggling to create 'snowy' bento since I don't have any experience with snow ... One of my dream is I can see the real snow someday. Thanks a lot Lil'chan for your kind words, very appreciate it (^.^)

Such a lovely snowman. How good if the bento is for me (^_^). Good work Lia Chen!

You are so creative! You put me to shame...

@Vanessa : Of course you can have it Vanessa ;o) Thanks a lot for your comment!

@lindsaymeyer : I am way far behind, still a lot to learn from you. Enjoy reading your blog (^.^)

How cute! Is there something you cannot make hehe? U're so creative. I love the "XMAS" words. Did u use a stencil?

@noobcook : Thanks Wiffy for your nice comment, very appreciate it! I use my Carla Craft punchers to make those XMAS letters ;o)

I love the snowman! Your bento are always so colorful and delicious looking!

@BentoForKidlet : Thanks a lot Jenn for your compliments :)

Very nice arranged bento egain, Lia! But tjis showman definetely lacks a carrot nose! I hope that christmas will be white here...but actually i don´t like all the snow here in germany...because on the second day it always starts to melt again and all the streets get grey and mushy :( I hope you get your snow experience one day...must be like us seeing the turquoise shimmer of a tropical ocean the first time.

@Amaaris : Thanks a lot Amaaris! You are right, my snowman is lack of carrot nose and syal also. Hope you can get your white Christmas, don't forget to snap some pictures and share it with us :)

Wow, that snowman bento is so cute! I love all of the snow detail. Beautiful bento Lia!

Really like the colors in ur bento, of course the snowman is equally adorable.

@Susan Yuen : Always love to read your nice comment Susan. Thanks a lot :) And guess what Susan? As one of your fan, I will get one copy of your bento book very soon within this week. Couldn' wait to read it ... yeah!!

The snowman was cute, i like the XMAS words too.. haha..
Wish you have a great holiday with your kids during the school break..^_^

Love love love your bento! Your kids are so lucky!

@kel : Thanks a lot for your kind comment :)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! Wish you the same too, hope you can enjoy the holiday with your family and have fun (^.^)

@pigpigscorner : Glad that you like it ... thanks a lot for your comment here :o)

I love everything for this snowman bento post - the bento, the background (snowman doll and flowers)... they are just beutiful *suer deh!* :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Very appreciate your comment :o)

I've been out of network connections for few days and I'm so surprise to find so many new bento on your blog! I love this snowman very much! :)

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot for your comment :)

How could I missed this one? ... I am so busy lately *sigh* Great bento Lia ^.^ love it soooowww much!!

@Just a MOM : Thanks Lina! Busy with the kids?