Bentolicious #040
Today is the last day of school for this semester and the kids will have Christmas holiday for about 1 month. Maybe some of you are wondering why the break is starting on Thursday not on Friday. It's because we have public holiday on this Friday. So I will have bento break for quite a while. Today's snack bento was very simple. You will notice that I was kind of rush this morning to prepare this bento because I woke up late. I just put chicken fried rice, cherry tomato, fried fishcakes and steamed carrots. The kids also brought green tea and red bean mochi along with the snack bento. On Saturday morning I will have to go to school for the last parents meeting and also take kids' report card for this semester. Hope the kids are doing great this semester with all good marks on their report card :o)


Love this bento Lia, and envious that you can put this together when you are "rushed" for time! Still such precise cutting when rushed! Happy vacation to your kids.. and I am sure you will receive happy news on your kids' performance this semester :)

Beautiful snack bento!!! Even in a rush you put together a wonderful bento!

You were in a rush? Did not look like it, really! Those Santa elves are cute ones ;)

I hope the best for you and your kinds. Enjoy your holidays with them ^-^

@Susan Yuen : Thanks for your kind words Susan!

The little santas are cute, can i know what is the red color hat made by? It was hard to find red color in my bento because i don't know where to get from.. >.<

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan!

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel ... I usually get the red from crab stick but this time I use colored egg sheet (with food coloring) since I run out crab stick this morning hehehe ... :)

Oh this is a cute one again! Like the little adorable. Enjoy your break and have some fun with your kids!

Even in a rush, you've got such a great idea. Salute to you ;DD

You made this bento in a rush? Oh my, please transfer your bento skill to me, I won't ask too much, only 10% please :D

Lovely bento as ALWAYS :D

@Amaaris : Thanks a lot Amaaris!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Anncoo!

@tatabonita : Oh please don't say that ... I feel ashame Ta, my bento skill is not that good. Thanks, you have been so sweet all the time :o)

@sherimiya : Ehh something wrong with reply the comment from my mobile phone. I thought I already sent the reply for your comment but it didn't go to the web :p Anyway, thanks a lot Sheri for your very comforting words ... you are one of the person that really inspired me. And you didn't see my shaking hands when do the cutting LOL :D

It still looks amazing for being in a rush!! I love the little santa faces!

@BentoForKidlet : Thanks Jenn! Happy that you like it :)

sweet little faces - i love this one! the alternating fish cake and carrot is very striking.

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! I'm learning from your bento. You always have a great arrangements for foods in your bento box and very neat also. Hope you don't mind Megan (^.^)

too too cute!! i also love the wreath from a couple days ago. ho ho ho!

@Rachel Yukiko Perez : Thanks a lot Rachel for your kind comment :)

That is such a great job even when you are in rush! :)

Mbak Lia, now I wonder what incredible bentos will be resulted if you youself claim that you're good in bentoing, then I will ask you to transfer 50% instead of 10% hehehehehe :P

I love all your bento creations and your blog skin... They're very cute!

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot for your kind words :)

@tatabonita : Hahaha ... you are always so fun with your words, makes me smile while reading your comment. Thanks a lot Tata!

@Cooking-Gallery : Thanks a lot for your comment! I've visited your blog too ... so many great foods there (^.^)

Beautiful snack bento .... I am sure you'll receive a great report card ^.^ Have a happy holiday!

Mbak Lia, cantik sekali bento2nya ... bakalan sering2 mampir nie abis ini :)

@BundaNadine : Thanks a lot Yuli sudah berkunjung. Semoga kita bisa jadi temen nge-bento yah :)

@Just a MOM : Yes Lin, I have received the kids' report card yesterday and thanks God, the marks are all excellent. Thanks a lot Lina!

cute cute santa :D

You make this cute bento in a rushed? I can't believe it.. Because if it's me, that will be my maximal results.. Just same with Tata, please give me 10% og your talent please.... ;D

@noobcook : Thanks Wiffy :)

@mushima_hawani : Wani, I think I'm just lucky this time hehehe ... Thanks a lot for your nice words, very appreciate it!