Happy Soda Drink
Thinking something festive with green, red, and white colors then I came out with this idea to make Happy Soda Drink. We can easily get what we call 'Soda Gembira' drink available at most restaurants here. The ingredients are only soda water and sweet condensed milk with lot of ices. And for this is Christmas month, I love to add kiwi fruits and strawberries inside the drink. Easy to make and it's quite tasty cold drink. The sweet taste is from the sweet condensed milk, add with sparkling of soda water and freshness of kiwi fruits + strawberries just make this drink wonderful ... well at least for me.
> Strawberries <
> Kiwi Fruits <
> Soda Water <
> Sweet Condensed Milk <
> Lot of ices <

| How to Make |
(1) Diced strawberries and kiwi fruits.
(2) Pour sweet condensed milk until 1/5 of the glass.
(3) Add soda water until 3/5 of the glass.
(4) Then add diced strawberries and kiwi fruits until 4/5 of the glass.
(5) Stir well until the all ingredients mixed perfectly.
(6) Add some ices and ready to drink.


Wow, that looks so yummy and refreshing! Pretty Christmas colors. :)

@susanyuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

This looks really refreshing ;) But I think I should save this recipe until summer here ;)

@Lil'chan : hehehe ... yah your place must be pretty cold right now. Thanks a lot Lil'chan (^.^)

Yummy! Delicious, beautiful, and so festive!

@BentoForKidlet : Thanks a lot Jenn! Very appreciate your comment (^.^)

Ah, Mbak Lia, your soda gembira makes me want to buy es campur by now... Seger seger seger tenan! :D

It's freezing here too... but still I would love to try your delicious and refreshing looking drink! Making me thirsty right now, in fact..and I like your group shot of the ingredients...we don't have the can called "soda water" but it's probably like "club soda", which just adds the bubbles, right? Lovely, Lia!

@tatabonita : Thanks Ta, your comment always so cheerful. I think we should hang out sometimes ;o)

@sherimiya : Sheri, soda water = club soda yes ... we used to have them in bottle then now is in can. Thanks a lot Sheri for your lovely comment :o)

Ya, I had 7-up and milk b4, very yum & refreshing, but ur version is superb, looks colorful & festive!

happy sodaa!! one of my favourite drinks!! especilally on a hot sunny day.. by the way the soda does look as happy as the name "happy soda"

Wow, it looks really refreshing especially in such a hot weather now over here! :)

@kel : Thanks a lot for your kind words, I think we have a lot of foods and drinks in common :)

@Rara Pramasasya : Thanks a lot Rara! This drink is perfect in hot sunny day ;o)

@Kids Dream Work : Ahh ... we really need refreshing drink in a hot weather (^.^)|||

This is a nice Christmas drink, can deeply feel the Chirstmas with looking at the drink...hehe..

This looks so refreshing! Excellent recipe--I'm excited to try! As always am impressed by your beautifully produced posts, Lia!

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! Maybe because of Christmas month so my mood already swing to holiday mood hehehe :)

@Bentobird : Hope you can try it and thanks a lot for your kind comment. Your comment keep me want to shoot more hehehe :D

wow I really love the festive colours in this one! looks very refreshing :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy!

wonderful photos and quite festive too...loved it!

@Nostalgia : Thanks a lot for your comment and thanks to visit my blog.

How pretty is this! I remember when mom used to put condensed milk in my soda as a treat. The addition of fruit is such a neat idea. i must try this with my kids.

Just the right colors for Xmas!

@WizzyTheStick : Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment too :)

@tigerfish : Thanks for your comment :)

WOW! Very healthy and refreshing. Anymore left??

@Anncoo : For you, I will make more anytime hehehe ... Thanks Anncoo!

nice blog ^-^ and wonderful photo
jadi pengen coba bikin...

@Indah Sarah : Thanks a lot Indah!