Kids Adventure #001
No bento for today ... kids were having their Christmas snack from school. My friend, Jeanny made these plain gingerbread man cookies for kids to decorate. She is always great in baking cookies (thanks a lot Jean for the cookies!!). So after school, my kids were having fun decorating those plain gingerbread man cookies with 3 colors icing. I didn't help them at all to decorate the cookies, just let them to have fun decorating by themselves. While they decorated the gingerbread man, I took some pictures ... from nothing to something. And because mommy was watching around, they only got their hands dirty with the icings and dropped some icings on the table. They were pretty organized this time hehehe ... The kids still kept some cookies and planned to give it to their daddy later in the afternoon. I'm thinking to do more cooking activities with the kids at the school holiday. They love to help in the kitchen but sometimes I am the one who does not encourage them to play with the foods. I should give them more chances to explore and experience at the school holiday. But please don't make it too messy kids ;o)


Aren't them youngins just adorable and that looks like so much fun!

@Angi : Yes Angi, they were having fun with the gingerbread man cookies. Thanks a lot for your nice comment (^.^)

They had done a good jobs! Looks fun and they decorated the cookies so cute.

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Anncoo! Hope they can cook delicious foods like you when they are bigger (^.^)

Looks good!
I agree, it keeps the kitchen clean when we keep them out of it.... but we have to let them make (small) messes from time to time! thanks for the reminder!

@amanda : Being messy is part of their learning hehehe ... Thanks Amanda for your comment (^.^)

Great job, kids, those ginger bread man r very lovely!

That looks really like a lot of fun ^-^ And they are great at doing decoration on cookies ;)

Aww they did a fantastic job! It's so much fun to play in the kitchen :D

Your kids are so cute Lia! And they are so artistic with the decorations, wow! I think it would take my boy quite a while to get the hang of the squeeze bag.. but lots of fun to squeeze all over the place!

So cute! The kids must have had such a great time and what a great job they did! :)

@kel : Thanks a lot kel!

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan!

@BentoForKidlet : I am happy to see the kids are having fun. Thanks Jenn!

@sherimiya : They are cute as long as they are not arguing with each other over something hehehe ... Thanks a lot Sheri!

@Susan Yuen : Agree, the kids did a great job. Thanks Susan for your comment (^.^)

Such cute little gingerbread men =D.

@Lauren : Thanks a lot Lauren :)

Oh, the kids must had have a great time decorating the gingerman. Mbak Lia, your daughter, Audrey, is such a georgeous little lady :D

@tatabonita : Ya Ta, they enjoyed their time very much. Thanks for your compliment, Audrey will love to hear that ;o)

I'm sure your kids is having fun with this! I love their masterpiece!

@Kids Dream Work : Yes, they were having fun because this is not something that they can do everyday. Thanks a lot for your comment :)

Good looking kids, happy mama, and cute gingerbread man cookies. Love the pictures ^.^ TFS

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lin! Your comments always so sweet :)

Your kids did a great job decorating the gingerbreadman ... so cute! :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! The kids will be happy to read your nice comment for them :)


Your kids look so cute doing the deco on the GB...

Did u made the icing by yourself Lia?