Tips - Soy Sauce Containers
I re-arranged some bento stuffs on my cupboard this morning and I took some pictures of my soy sauce containers collection. I remembered the first soy sauce container was the fish shape, like the one we always have when we have take away sushi. I was confused at that time because I didn't know how to fill the soya sauce inside because the neck was very small. Luckily I saw a Sushi Maker at a take away sushi restaurant when he filled the soy sauce container. As many of you already know, sometimes the soya sauce containers come with pipette in the pack but sometimes no pipette at all. So I hope this tips will be useful for the first time buyer. Usually the soy sauce container comes in small size so it can fit perfectly into a bento box and the shapes are usually very cute too. Very useful if we want to bring small amount of soy sauce or any other sauces. I am sorry for the unclear pictures, can't get any sunlight because this morning was raining.
Here were some pictures I took, showed step-by-step to fill soya sauce into
the soy sauce container :
(1) Prepare the soy sauce / any other sauces, soy sauce containers, and pipette. (2) Press the pipette with your thumb and pointer fingers. (3) While still pressing, soak the end of pipette into soy sauce. (4-5) Release the pressing and you will see soy sauce flow inside the pipette. (6) Fill the soy sauce container with soy sauce from pipette by pressing down pipette.
For the small neck soy sauce container you can fill the soy sauce by pressing down the soy sauce container itself. Don't worry, most of the soy sauce container is soft enough to press down.
Don't throw away your cute soy sauce container. It can be re-used for so many times. Just clean them with liquid soap water and clean water after use. To clean the inside part just refer to the steps showed above on how to fill the soya sauce.


Lia, I wondering whose hands on the picture now? ;D

Thanks for the tips..

OMG Lia, you have the cutest shoyu bottles of course! And what a handy dandy little tutorial for filling them up! Even on a rainy day your shots are so sunny and cheerful. Love them!

I just love your photography skills. I know I've told you this many times... but it's so true!

Nice tutorial on how to fill the bottles. I like to fill a bunch at the start of the week so I don't have to mess with it while I'm hurrying to pack a bento but many times Saba Man doesn't even use his sauce!!!

@mushima_hawani : This time is my own hand hahaha ... No helping hand / hand model available this time :D Thanks Wani!

You take the most amazing pictures... you can make any thing look awesome!

I love seeing other peoples collections. Those milk jug ones are the cutest!

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! It's so hard to shoot step-by-step pics with one hand on shutter button and one hand on pipette. Even more difficult when I have to shoot my both hand using timer because it keeps out of focus. Maybe Santa will give me shutter release for Xmas gift? LOL ... Those pics not so nice in the white balance, so I end up edit them on 'Apperture' program on my laptop :D

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra! I am not so confidence with my photography skills when I learnt at Canon School. It seems everyone can get a nice shoot except me. But my teacher said photography is half skill and half art and keep practising it's the most powerful. Thanks for all your support and kind words Debra, I hope I can continue learning this skill. BTW, your cooking and bento always mouthwatering. No wonder your Saba Man forget all the sauces. He run directly to the foods hahaha :)

Cute soy sauce bottles! Thanks for the tutorial, very helpful!

@Angi : Thanks a lot Angi for your nice comment! I love to share the pictures of my collection. And same with you, I also enjoy seeing other people collections :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Hope this small tips can help others too (^.^)

Mbak Liaaaaaaa.... It's a love and hate for me when you post something like this! I love to see all your cute containers but on the other side it also makes me soooooooo jealous :(. When you're offline I think I'm gonna take some from your blog! hehehe. As for the taking photos by one hand on a shutter button with no tripod (shake shake your hand beibeh! hehe), I can totally understand how hard it is :D. I even have to hold my breath haha

@tatabonita : Hahaha ... Thanks for your lovely comment. Ohh I don't mean to make you jealous, forgive me. And you are so right, with or without tripod shoot with one hand is really hard ... :D

Wow I am amazed with your collection. Mine still hiding in the drawer. Really can't find time to play around with my kids bento now.

Wow I am amazed with your collection. Mine still hiding in the drawer. Really can't find time to play around with my kids bento now.

@Sue Sue : Thanks Sue for your comment! That's OK to keep them then one day when you have time will be very handy to use them :)

You have such a massive collection!!! Drool at their cuteness :)

Hey, my first soy source bottle is also the fish! :)

You really have a HUGE collections of soy source bottles! Love them! And I totally agree with everyone, you have a great photography skills, how I wish I can do that!

I never had so cute soya sauce containers.

@noobcook : Thanks Wiffy! Not massive lah ... hehehe :)

@Kid Dreams Work : Thanks for your kind words! Of course you can too, I believe you can take better pics from mine later :) Jia You!!

@Anshika : Yes, they are cute and kids even me love them. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment :)

Amazing photos, Lia! You really capture the charm, colors and novelty of your wonderful bottle shoyu collection. A really delightful post, and thanks for the helpful tutorial!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Bentobird! Glad that you like it :)