Bentolicious #042
I made a farmer couple, husband and wife for today's bento. This was a spontaneous idea when I was in the kitchen this morning. No planning from last night because I was in the bed early with my sore throat and headache. I felt a lot better after long undisturbed sleep. The farmer couple was made from fish balls, decorated with red-yellow bandana from the egg sheet, and nori for the face. I grew some veggie food picks on the rice furikake soil :)

Inside the box : pork slices with pineapple sauce, cherry tomato, carrots & cucumbers, oranges, and egg flowers. Extra pineapple sauce were in the green bird sauce cup.


I love your growing crops idea, it's so cute! I hope you get another long rest tonight, although your spontaneous work is still so artistic. You can make a lovely bento without any prep at all! So nice!

OMG Lia, This is adorable. The sliced pork and oranges are arranged in such a way that they look like crops in the fields just like in a painting! Genius!

Glad to hear that you feel a little better.

what a cute farmer couple! please decorate my lunch box.

reminds me of ponyo (a character from jap. animation cartoon). glad u are feeling better.

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and am happy you got a nice sleep. I love gardening and this is a great bento!

@sherimiya : You are so kind Sheri and I'm happy that you like the idea. I am okay today, the sore throat is getting better. Thanks a lot Sheri :)

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra for your very supportive comment. Glad too that the sore throat is getting better :)

@Indonesia-Eats : Thanks Pep! I will Pep, but my lunch box is nothing compare to your delicious cooking :)

@javapot : Since you mention it, I browsed around about Ponyo hehehe ... the character is so cute, worth to try it on the bento sometimes. Thanks Javapot!

@Angi : Thanks Angi! Your comment is powering me up :)

Oh my, that is so cute! Love the couple. And the growing field skewer are even better ^-^
The pork looks really delicious ;) And the way you decorated with thin egg sheets is adorable!

@Lil'chan : Thanks Lil'chan! You always so kind to give your comment for me, very appreciate it (^.^)

Oh my~ the farmer couples are adorable.. Lia, you always come out with these cute little thing... i really love your bento.. ^_^

Oh mine! This is just TOO cute! What a piece of artwork and is without any preparation at all! You are a genuis in bento Lia! :D
Hope you get well soon!

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! We love the cute things, don't we?

Kids Dream Work : Oh no! I am not that genius. I just lucky sometimes, like this morning ;o) Thanks a lot for your nice comment, really appreciate it!

Mbak Liaaaa... You're back! Miss your adorable bentos so much :D. This bento directly reminds me to cute chubby Shinzo Hattori (Kanzo Hattori/Ninja Hattori's younger brother) who wears red colored Ninja robes *oh, now I miss to watch Ninja Hattori hehehe*. So glad to know you're feeling better by now. I think you got that terrible sore throat and headache since you cleaned up my dusty blog too hard wkwkwkwkwkwk LOL!

@Tata Bonita : Eek? You love to watch Ninja Hattori? My kids sometimes watch it too ... but I'm to old for that movie LOL. If my sore throat caused by cleaning up your blog then you owe me one bento, deal? Thanks a lot Tata, for your cheerful comment (^.^)

Haha, I even still remember well it's OST --> Mendaki gunung lewati lembah, sungai mengalir indah ke samudra, bersama teman bertualang... dan seterusnya hehe. That's my favorite bathroom-time song LOL!

What a cute farmer and wife! You are so creative! I can't believe it was spontaneous it looks so well planned!

@Jenn : I think my sore throat give me luck somehow hehehe ... Thanks for your comment Jenn (^.^)

such a wonderful and cute idea, they are perfrct with their bandanas and home-grown veggies!! you have some amazingly creative ideas lia, i love looking at your bentos :-D

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! I learn a lot from you (^.^)

Your bento making~ always beautiful. Really must start making some of this. Of course I'm going to copy some from you~~hope you don't mind*.*

Lia, this one is so so cute! My favorite is the furikake soil, haha.

Lia that is so cute!!! You are always so artistic and I can't belive that you are sick and still managed to put this beautiful bento together! Hope you are feeling well soon!

@susanyuen : Thanks a lot Susan! I feel better already ... my grandma used to call me 'soft crab' because I always sick whenever the weather change hehehe :o)

@Anncoo : I will be waiting and I'm sure your bento will turn out fabulous like your cooking as always ;o)

@Rachel Yukiko Perez : Ahh of course, ... Thanks Rachel (^.^)

Creative and beautiful bento! Love the agricultural theme. bento really has no limits--its whatever you want it to be...and its nice to see where inspiration takes one! Hope you are feeling great again, Lia! Best wishes from Bentobird :)

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! You are so right about no limit for bento :)

Cute farmers! Love the colors of the bento too.

Super cute bento! Love the farmer and his wife. Hope you feel better soon Lia!

@BentoBeginner : Thanks a lot for the comment! I am ok now, fit again :o)

@BentoBeginner : Thanks a lot for the comment! I am ok now, fit again :o)

I really admire your creativity to come up with anything.