Bentolicious #044
It's Friday again! Day-by-day goes by so quickly ... And cheese cake bento was made for this Friday. I was thinking to buy some cakes later at the bakery so the kids could have some too for this afternoon. The 'cheese cake' was made from 2 rice balls stuffed with tuna curry inside, egg slices on the top for the 'cheese' with a half of sweetened red cherry. And the other foods inside this bento : cherry tomatoes wrapped in ham, sausages, cauliflowers, broccoli, and carrots.
Anncoo gave me 'I Love Your Blog' award. She has a wonderful blog for her passion in cooking and baking. I enjoy her blog a lot. Since this award has no rules, I would like to give this award to all of my wonderful blogger friends. I will notify all of you on your blog and please pick the award up here.


this one is AWESOME!! i love the faux cheesecake (the sliced egg strips are a great effect), and the carrot medallions are very lovely. is that a new shaped cutter, or did you cut by hand? wonderful work :-)

Wow, Lia! Those cheese cakes are so cool... I really was tricked into believing that was grated cheese on top! Amazing! I also love the ume blossoms with the teeny holes... you got new cutters?
Your bento makes me so happy; they are always so colorful and bright! Don't even need to eat them, that's how strong your bento powers are, hehe!

Thank you so much!!!

@gamene : Thanks a lot for your kind words Megan! Yes, the cutter is new ... I forgot to take the picture, maybe next time I will poss it.

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Your comment always makes me smile. Yes, I've got new cutter to play with hehehe ... But I'm still doing the 'straw trick' for the tiny holes.

@Melanie : Your welcome Melanie!

I would LOVE to see you make a real cheesecake! hehehe I bet it would be superb!

This bento box is chock full of yumminess. I follow sherimiya about the ume blossoms, I've never seen them before. So cool!

Hi Lia, Thank you for the award. I feel very honored that someone with your bento AND blog skills would bestow me with such an honor.

like your idea of the 'cheesecake onigri' - so cool.

Hi Lia, You deserve this Award. Anyone who visit your blog will definitely love your blog at first sight.
WOW! Another beautiful colourful bento ;) 看到就舍不得吃!I love the new cutter on the carrot.

That's a good idea for cheese cake! :) Before I read how u did it, I was wondering how to make such cute little cheese cakes. LOL!
Thanks for the award, will post in my blog soon.

Tks for the award Lia Chen.

I am in love with your super cute Bentos! *_* You are so creative! <3

Your bento always make me salivate... although I have no chance to eat, but can see the photo is more than enough (@.@)

I lov the carrot too, they look so nice with the tiny holes in the middle.

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra! I found very hard to push myself to do the baking things or I'm to lazy and always make excuses to start hehehe ... And oh no! I'm not that great in bento compare to you, I consider you as one of my bento 'guru'. Enjoy the award and have a nice weekend Debra!

@javapot : Thanks Javapot! This is not pure my idea. The 'cheese cake' is from my bento book, so I can't take the credit for it lah hehehe ... :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Anncoo for your nice words! 很高兴做你的 blogger 朋友。

@shoppingmum : Thanks a lot Amy! Have a great weekend :o)

@Token : Thanks a lot Token! I love yours too ... Hope we can be a new bento friend :o)

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! You are so sweet :) Have a nice weekend!

Thanks Lia :)

I know you are busy and have a lot going on with coming home from your sister. I thought I might implant the idea of you making a bento book in the future?? I'll be the first to buy a couple copies!

@Angi : Thanks a lot Angi! I am quite happy with the bento blogging right now. I found a lot of great friends including you ;o)

hi lia chen,great to know ur blog fr Rachel Hei.

ur bento series so awesome.
i do buy a lot of bento tools..but not really apply it. :P

@Michelle : Thanks a lot Michelle! 很高兴见到你 。。。I also have this hobby to buy and collect bento tools :)

Aw Lia, let me hug you again! Thanks for the award ^-^ Be sure, I love your blog, too!

Your bento is so perfect! I love it.So many cute details. and the frog bottle fits perfect. It's so colorful ^-^

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! And be sure too, I'm glad to have you as a bento buddy hehehe ... Have a nice weekend Lil'chan (^.^)

Wow, looks so delicious Lia. I really like the cute box and the matching fork and spoon!

@Amaaris : Thanks a lot Ama!

It's like dreaming, another award! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE your blog MORE! Terimakasih terimakasih :D

@tatabonita : No worries Ta! Enjoy your weekend :)

Thank you... thank you for another award.

I love your blog too as well as the bentos :)

@Indonesia-Eats : Thanks Pep :)

Love the color combination & thanks 4 the award.

@kel : Thanks Kel!

Thanks Lia for the award!! I love the ume carrots..I see that you got a new cutter. cutie. : ) have a wonderful weekend with your kids.

@Rachel Yukiko Perez : Your welcome Rachel! Have a nice weekend too :)

Beautiful bento, Lia! I also LOVE the ume details, and the "cheesecake"--creative and delightful as ever! Your work is an inspiration to bentoists :)

Lia, you really deserve the award. I'm a big fan of your blog :D

Love your new cutter! Your bento are always amazingly colorful and yummy!

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Yours bento are always be my favorite too. I love your style on making each of your bento. Have a nice weekend Jenn :o)

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot for your nice words! Always happy to be friend with you. Have a fun weekend!

@BentoBeginner : Thanks a lot for your nice comment! Have a great weekend (^.^)

Mbak Lia, you got awards from me too. Jangan lupa bawa tas buat ambil awardnya yaaaa hehehe :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Langsung meluncur, tasnya kecil apa gede? hehehe ... Happy weekend yah! *hugs*

Thanks for the award Lia, I love your blog too..^_^

@Rachel Hei : You are welcome Rachel :o)

absolutely adorable :D