Bentolicious #046
Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Please shine down on me ..... *singing kids song*. It has been raining a lot today, really a lot. Dark sky again for today. FYI, we only have 2 seasons in Indonesia, the rainy season is usually hitting the peak rainfall between January and February. So no wonder if the sun was hiding and reluctantly to come out today.

For today's bento, I made 2 chickens from rice ball molded with hand. The rice ball stuffed with cooked chicken mince meat. Forgot to stock some crab sticks in my fridge and couldn't find pink-white kamaboko at the supermarket. It leaved me with no choice but to use red egg sheet for the cheek of the chickens. I used two layers small bento box this time. And as you can see the other box filled with 3 fried chicken balls and carrots on the top, a small Korean apple, 2 tamago, and sausages. I also put some pea pods to fill the empty room in the box. I found the small Korean apple is perfect for bento. It is so small, so we can put it inside the bento box. My daughter love this apple a lot but unfortunately this apple is imported and will be hard to have it for all seasons.

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Adore the chicks! Hope the sun comes out for you soon.

A sunny bento for a rainy day. :o)

The korean apple is perfect bentosize. I love apples but don't like it when they turn brown by lunchtime (and I haven't bought any K-fresh in a while to spray on them). And I love your tamagos as well. After trying numerous times, I still can't make them properly, so I can only admire them in other bentos :o)

What a pair of lovely chicks! :)
My boy loves that dwarf apple too, and just like you said, it's not available all year long. Furthermore, it's rather costly. :P

Hi Lia,
Another new creation, very cute. You mentioned red egg sheet~ is it beaten egg with red colouring?

The little apple is so perfect for bento! It must be hard to have so much rain, I can't imagine!

Cute chicken! We don have such small & cute apple here in KL, I'd love to stuff it into my girl's bento too :(

this is so beautiful! the little chicks are just so adorable!

these chickies are sooooo cute, and so is the apple (not surprised i like it, i love korean stuff!)... what a wonderful sunny lunch :-)

Hello ^-^
Your chickens are cute! Really! I love them ;)
Both tier fit perfect together, and it looks like they were filled with love =)

@Angi : Thanks Angi!

@Ceinwyn : Thanks Ceinwyn! Yes, apple slices are very quick to turn brown. I usually soak them first in a salt water for a few minutes ;)

@shoppingmum : Thanks a lot Amy! Agree with you, always costly for imported fruits :)

@Anncoo : Thanks Anncoo! Yup, what I mean with red egg sheet = beaten egg with red food coloring ;)

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn! Rain is something I feel grateful for but if too much then give me headache because my laundry will be hanging all over my garage because is not common to use dryer here LOL :D

@kel : Thanks Kel! Hope you can find it in KL so you can put them in your girl's bento with your little lovely note ;)

@diva : Thanks a lot for your nice comment! And thanks for visiting my blog, very appreciate it :)

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! I wish all fruits have their mini version so we can put them in our bento hehehe :)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! Glad you love it :)

Lia the chicks are so cute! I love those little apples, they are so perfect for bentos! :D

My boy learned that song in preschool too, hehe!

We have nothing but rain here too... luckily we have your sunny bento to bring us happiness :)

Your mini apple is from Korea? Ours is called lady apple; I don't think they are imported; they are quite inexpensive here.

Such a cute pair of chicks! Great job Lia. Agreed with Kel, so far I never see this korean apple in KL. My boy loves apple, but he don't like the apple turning brown when he's ready to eat his bento, neither he like the apple dip in salt water. So there's always no apple in his bento :P

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

@sherimiya : Thanks Sheri! Most of the apples are imported. We have local grown apple but the taste is not so nice. Maybe because Indonesia is tropical country so fruits such as apple, berries, kiwi, peach, plum, grape, ... (what else?) are all very expensive. I remember from my last trip to Melbourne that one small box of blueberry cost only AUD 2 (equal to IDR 16,000) but in Jakarta that will cost us IDR 80,000 (equal to AUD 10).

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks for the comment! Will be great if you have that small apple because it is so small. You don't need to slice it, just put it in the box. Therefore no need to soak it into salt water or afraid will turn brown. Hope you can find it later, who knows?

I wish for some rain actually. It's been so hot here recently! very cute chicks! :D

@noobcook : Thanks Wiffy! Will be happy to send the rain over there hehehe :D

I like the red cheeks! Makes a very sophisticated Mr. and Mrs. Chicken!

@hapabento : Hehehe ... Thanks a lot Debra :)