Bentolicious #051
Day 4 of sushi theme bento. I chose futomaki sushi and I want to make a confession that I didn't use my sushi mat to make the futomaki :p but I used my futomaki sushi mold. You can find this mold at Daiso or many online stores and ebay. Futomaki sushi is a thick sushi roll that my kids usually called chubby sushi instead of futomaki. It has bigger size than the usual sushi size (usually around 3-4cm). I put tobiko, crab stick, avocado, lettuce, tamago and cucumber for the fillings. You can put other fillings too for the futomaki. Inside the box : pea pods, edamame, small orange, crab stick ball skewers, carrots + cucumbers, noodle shapes konyaku jelly and decorated quail egg. Outside the box : rice crackers. The crab stick balls are usually used for salad but I think they are also good in bento. They taste like the usual crab stick only different in shapes. Tomorrow is the last day to make the sushi theme bento, any idea what type of sushi should I make? And is there anyone who can notice 1 mistake that I made on this bento?


I got my sushi mate quite some times and i never try to make any sushi..haha~ your sushi idea bentos are great. I really love the carrot +cucumber in this bento.. the cucumber just like a lovely lace, well done Lia..^^

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! I'm getting lazy to use the sushi mat now. I love to use sushi mold hehehe ... ;)

Is there any mistake?!? I can see only a perfectly done yummy sushi bento! :D

@Kids Dream Work : Hahaha ... you are so sweet! Yes, I just realized when I made the post tonight. But too bad, the bento gone already so can't take new picture to replace it :p Thanks for your comment!

I've always admire moms who make bento for their kids as it's such a time consuming effort!

BTW, I found you through Anncoo's.

@Blessed Homemaker : Thanks a lot to leave your comment and for visiting my blog! I just visited your wonderful blog too. Great blog (^.^)

I don't see any mistake in this perfect bento.
You and Rachel always make my hand itchy, must try to make some bentos after CNY.

When I get more adventurous, I'll definitely try out your bento ideas ;-)

@Anncoo : Oh come on Anncoo, you must be spotting it. Oh yeah! Can't wait for your bento. Is not Rachel & Lia's fault though hahaha ... :D

I don't see any mistakes! The flowers are upside down, but I don't think that takes away from your bento perfection!

@Blessed Homemaker : Your are very welcome. It's fun! :)

@BentoBeginner : Yeah! You spot it. And I really appreciate for your very supportive comment :)

This looks really yummy! Flowers up side down? I thought that would be some fruits!

Aww upside down flowers don't make it a mistake! It just adds character to the bento :D Which is already beautiful!

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan to give another thought and keep thinking positive for the mistake I made hehehe ... :)

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn for the sweet comment! You support me a lot through your comments all this time :)

Flowers upside down? I put them like that myself on purpose, for variation. Maybe people have been saying my bento are wrong, hehe!
Love your bright and fun bento, with happy egg boy! Tomorrow can you make dragon roll? And can I share it please? ^_^

Another perfect sushi bento. I see the flower as a bunch of rambutan (^_^)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! You bright up my day. And I would love to make the dragon roll and share it with you. But you have to wait until my skill level up hahahaha ... looks so hard to make :D

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! I just realize that until you mentioned it. Yes rambutan is in the season too here :)

it's perfect!!

i love the egg.

Nice to read ur blog =)

Yoohoo! Sushi parade on Bentolicious :D. I learned a lot about sushi from you Mbak Lia. So, thanks a lot for sharing it. How about California Roll Sushi for the next?

nice rolls - u do them well, mine are always too big or squishy!

As always... your bentos are really cute! :D

The Bargowo : Thanks a lot Mbak for the nice comment and for visiting my blog :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Hopefully next time I can make California Sushi Roll ... Is this your favorite?

@javapot : Thanks a lot Javapot! You should try the sushi mold, is easier ;)

@CJane : Thanks a lot Cindy for your kind words :)