Book #001
I love and enjoy reading all my bento books. I really learn a lot from my bento books. I don't mind to buy bento books even bento books in Jakarta are very expensive. Some of you will be surprised if I say that the price can be double from their actual price (Japanese Yen). Most of them I bought from Kinokuniya bookstore in Jakarta and Singapore. I forgot which one is my first bento book now. Although I can't read Japanese but all the pictures inside the books already tell a thousand words. My favorite Japanese bento books are from Akinoichigo, Mari Miyazawa, and Kaeren Mama. Recently, I bought from Amazon my first bento book in English by Susan Yuen. Hope I can get Crystal Watanabe and Makiko Ogawa English bento book too later. I believe that read and learn from the book never bring any harms. A lot of reading can enrich our knowledge (IMHO).

I never throw out my small handy books from bento tools. They are very useful for me,
so I still keep them along with my bento books collection.


WOW! So many bento books. I just bought one bento book from Kinokuniya at 20% discount storewide ....of course there are other books too, total cost more than one hundred dollars.

Lia, no. of Japanese Bento Books you have really shocked me. It broaden my horizons.

Hope one day I am like you, have plenty of bento books, sauce containers, picks, egg moulds.........

Wau!!!! Pocket bleeds... (荷包大出血) (n_n).

Aww, thanks Lia!!! I feel very honored that you bought my book! *hugs* :D

I would have the same problem. Can't read Japanese, too. But the pictures on the books are really cute! So I can understand why you save them like a treasure ^-^

@Anncoo : Kinokuniya here is stingy to give storewide discount. I can count maybe only 2 times/year. I love Kinokuniya in Singapore is bigger and more books :)

I saw your title "Book #001", i though u wana introduce your 1st bento book to us.. and when i clicked in, i saw your picture, it really makes me 'WOW', your collections are marvellous..

@Vanessa : You will soon hehehe ... My advice, buy bit by bit and don't total the cost after that LOL. Indeed is 荷包大出血 but I'm happy with the collection so it's worth it (^.^)

@susanyuen : I will be happy to recommend it to anyone who love bento to buy your book because it is a good bento book Susan *hugs back*

Totally agree with you, although 荷包大出血 but you will gain self-satisfaction (^_^).

Between, among the books, which book has more bread in it? Any recommendation? I am thinking to get one with more bread inside, as I only prepare light snack most of the time.

@Lil'chan : Yes Lil'chan. I have been keeping so many things for bento. My husband always surprise for how many things I kept hahaha ... :)

@Vanessa : Unfortunately I can't find bento books that featuring much the bread bento. Although some bento books like Kaeren Mama, Akinoichigo, and Susan Yuen will have some pages featuring it.

@Rachel Hei : hehehe ... got you!! I'm so poor with my bento skills and not much friends around here doing bento, so those books definitely help me a lot (^.^)

Wow!!! Your bento book collection is awesome! I only have less than 10, I think. I can't read Japanese too. :P

@shoppingmum : Amy, but you are so great with your bento. Do you find bento books easily in Bangkok?

Keep letting the books inspire you, so you can keep inspiring me! :)

@amanda : Yes Amanda, it's a good idea and I will have more excuses to buy another bento books hehehe :D

Wow! You have such a huge collection of bento books Lia! I'm yet to get one, must pay Kinokuniya in KL a visit soon! :) Hardly can find bento books in other bookshops.

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks! Same here, only can get bento books in Kinokuniya.

That is an impressive collection of books!!! I keep all of the little books from the cutters and things too, they have great ideas in them!

I've given you an award which you can pick up:

@Jenn : Yes, agree with you that the little book is very useful. Thanks a lot Jenn for your comment and the award too. I feel honored to receive it from you (^.^)

WOW that's a lot of bento books! I love browsing bento books, it's always full of cutie stuff.

@pigpigscorner : Thanks a lot Ann for your comment :)

Gosh... look at the bento books you have. I wish I have as much as you. :)

@Sue Sue : I love them Sue! Thanks for your comment here :o)

Wow Lia, I wish I could go to your house and read your library! I don't have even a single bento book, wah!
But like you I have the wrappers for the tools, and I study those to learn how to use them.I love Kinokuniya; I think they have the best of everything :)

@sherimiya : I would love to have you in my tiny library hehehe ... You are so welcome if someday you visit Jakarta. I think you should make your own bento book too, so I can add it to my collections (^.^)

Lia, I wanna be your neighbour so I can read your book for free (huehehe, maunya gratisan.. ;p)

I just have 2 books and never bored to see it (not read it, coz I cant speak that languages)

@mushima hawani : hehehe ... will be great to be your neighbour :) Thanks a lot Wani!

What a huge collection! U made me interested in bento too, maybe I'll pick up a few from amazon next time ... yes amazon is definitely cheaper than kino!

Hi, would you give me the blessings to post this image in my blog? I'll be sure to give you credit :)

wooooW!! treasure indeed! :D

@Gina : Thanks Gin!