Bentolicious #056
Ok ... don't laugh at this bento! I know that I really messed up with the colors. I wanted to use CNY red and yellow (gold) colors for the red box but I would say that this turned out so oldie :p Some of you might already know that the red color in Chinese culture means good luck and yellow or gold color symbolizes wealth and happiness. And I completely forgot that I already prepared Hong Bao 红包 (Small red envelope to put lucky money, that usually will be given to small kids during CNY. The amount of money should be even number but should not be given in fours as four signifies bad luck in Chinese culture.) Instead of using the Hong Bao as the background, I ended up cutting my chrysanthemum flowers for the background wuahahaha :D

As guess what? I spilled my coffee this morning and missed out the toll road exit on the way home after picked up the kids from school. I think today just one of my messy day . Inside the box : (Red Box) rice stuffed with pork mince and small diced carrots, decorated with egg sheets on the top. (Pink Box) beef coconut, pea pods, quail eggs, fried vermicelli, and strawberries.


Pertamanyaaaaaaaaa... iya nggak? Maklum sering ketinggalan ninggal komen hehehe. Gong Xi Fa Cai Mbak Lia, bener gak nulisnya? :D

I think the cutie tigers and flowers are really pretty. The pink box also very nicely decorated.

I think the colors look nice. :) Lovely Chinese New Year bento. LOL!
BTW, u have just reminded me that I haven't packed my red packets!

@tatabonita : Bener Ta tulisannya. Hehehe ... lo pertama kali ini, siip! Thanks yah Ta :)

@Anncoo : You comment is really cheer me up after the long tired mess up day. Thanks a lot :)

@shoppingmum : Thanks a lot Amy! Kids love the red packets, they feel rich for one day LOL :D

It all looks gorgeous.. I love all the flowers everywhere ...especially the green ones! c'mon spring!!!!

@Angi : Thanks a lot Angi! Love flowers ... ;)

wow, was caught up in your garden of flowers :) then spied your two tigers, sweet.

@javapot : hahaha ... lucky you didn't get lost somewhere :D Thanks a lot Javapot!

Well, even with off colors it's amazing! I cannot believe you made that designs with egg sheets! I am amazed!!! Nice job :D

Lia, that is so beautiful! I love all of the details and your tigers are so cute! :D

The level of detail is so crazy!!! It's really really awesome Lia, I love it!

This is amazing. Really amazing. You are so talented!

Jenn : Thanks for your nice words Jenn!

@susanyuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

@Pikko : Thanks a lot Pikko!

@Melanie : Thanks a lot Melanie! Very appreciate your comment here :)

So cute! Love the flowers in the background. Great bento as always lia!

I love this bento! The tigers are mini size but yet u can come out such a detail face feature. Great Job!!!

Wow, you can do wonders with egg sheets, I can't even begin to understand how you have such steady and exact cutting!! Amazing!! I wish I could take a bento course from you!!

how did i miss this one lia, it's so cute! the tiny tigers are amazing, your precision and details are really impressive! happy CNY to you and your family :-)

@BentoBeginner : Your are so kind! Thanks a lot :)

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! My hand shook a lot when decorated the mini tiger hehehe ... :p

@sherimiya : Sheri, I didn't cut the egg sheet free hand but I was using my cutter and straw. Now you know the secret hahahaha ;) Thanks a lot Sheri for being a very sweet bento friends.

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! No worries ... the bento pictures will always there for you to enjoy :D

Gorgeous and a feast for the eyes as always! I enjoy looking at each special detail, and your color combinations always amaze me! Happy CNY!!!!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn!

Hey Lia, the colours are not odd at all, they look so traditional, so elegant! :)

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot for saying that! Glad that you think traditional rather than odd :)

What a beautiful bento box! Happy Chinese New Year :)!

Cooking-Galerry : Thanks a lot! Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's Day too for you :)