Bentolicious #062
If you are following my blog entry then you will know that I'm making cute characters from San-X for this week and next week bento. I have chosen Homekoro for today's bento.

HOMEKORO is a cute and fluffy pomeranian who is good at compliments and his favorite food is croquette. Uttori (little bird) is Homekoro's best friend who is enchanted and riveted by praise. Apparently the pink hair is Uttori's pride. Homekoro always gives Uttori a lot of praises.

Inside the box : carrots, broccoli, corns, medallion pork cooked with mushroom and oyster sauce, and flower shapes sweet purple potatoes & potato. Homekoro was made of rice ball shaped by hand, covered with hana katsuobushi. Uttori was made of quail egg.


Wow, soo cute Homekoro with katsuobushi, what a perfect idea for him!! You got so many pretty flowers in this one, and the purple potato, such a vibrant dark color. Love to see the little friends together :)
Love your San-X theme Lia, can't wait for tomorrow's bento!

omg incredible cuteness!! U even made the pomeranian furry looking! ahh i want!! hehe

Just WOW! This is so cute, I want to run out right now and buy everything to try it myself!

This is just so adorable and fluffy! *_* It's just too cute to eat it! <3 <3 <3 Your so creative!

@sherimiya : I use my cheap plastic cookies cutters for all the flowers. They come in one pack with the previous cutter that I use. The purple potato is too dark. Maybe I steamed it too long. Thanks a lot Sheri for very encouraging comment (^.^)

@noobcook : If we live in the same city then I will send bento everyday and trade it with your delicious cooking LOL :D Thanks Wiffy!

@Fluteloop : Hahaha ... I want to try your bento style, so we exchange the idea :) Thanks a lot for the nice comment!

@Token : Thanks a lot for the kind words! I learn a lot from many great bento maker.

Oh dear, I love the fluffy Homekoro! Can have a hug? :D
The pink hair of the Uttori is really outstanding from the bento, cute!

as ussual, cute, cute, cute :)
(sambil mupeng...pengen sejago mbak lia)

I love those cutters you used to create the flowers. I guess I am just longing for spring to come. The character you made is so cute. I'm not familiar with it. Is it a cat? I love the little chiken too. The port sounds delicious.

@Kids Dream Work : Hahaha ... sure you can hug him but be careful he is so fluffy. Thanks a lot for nice and happy comment (^.^)

@The Bargowo : Thanks a lot Mbak! Wah senang membagi ilmu disini, temen bento dari Indo cuman Tata ama Mbak nih :D

@allingoodfood42 : Homekoro is a pomeranian (dog) hehehe ... Thanks a lot Marisa for your wonderful comment!

lia, you have to tell me what hana katsuobushi is - i have never heard of it but it does the fluffy fur so well! the flowers in this one are so pretty too. i love your san-x creations!

@megan : Hana Katsuobushi is written on the pack that I bought. It is actually smoked skipjack tuna flakes. Find out more about KATSUOBUSHI. I am sure you know it when you see the picture ;) Thanks a lot Megan!

fom San-X??? Please let it be Monokuro Boo and Baby Boo-s!!!!!!!!! I love those characters!!!!!

Lovely bentos!

@Eru Dani : Monokuro Boo is on my list for next week. Baby Boo is a bit difficult for blue and purple color but pink, green, yellow and orange still can manage it. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and leave your comment (^.^)

Oh my~ i love your Homekoro..looks cute to cover with katsuobushi.. your bentos are always lovely..^^

Oh Lia, I don't to say your bentos "CUTE" everyday. I want to say something new "超可爱"...haahaa...

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! Always happy to read your sweet comment (^.^)

@Anncoo : Yeah I can take that. Oh no! Now you'll become Homekoro and I'll become Uttori hahaha ... Thanks a lot Anncoo (^.^)

nice, like the chick best :) Not too familiar with characters from San-X so its been interesting.

@javapot : Thanks a lot Javapot! San-X have a lot of cute characters and I don't familiar with some of the characters too :)

Adorable bento! I am enjoying seeing these new characters! Nice angle on the photo also :D

Hi Lia,

So clever to use katsuobushi for your cute & fluffy Pomeranian. I want to reash into the photo and "pinch his cheeks"! :)

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn! Any chance to make these characters on your cheese? hehehe ... :)

@hapabento : Hi Debra! Thanks a lot for pinch on the cheeks :)

Haha, I love this bento Lia!!! He's so cute. :D

Super cute!!! Can't see what other characters you do!

nice bento! love all the bright colors... is the pink komaboko???

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Do you think he can be friend with Maki? hehehe ... :D

@Alice : Thanks a lot Alice! Yes, you are right. That is pink kamaboko that I use :)

@BentoBeginner : Thanks a lot for the nice words! I hope you don't get bored to see all the characters :)

you could try boiling some purple cabbage and use that to colour something blue/purple (or maybe artificial colours) :)
Good Luck!

@Eru Dani : I might try it over the weekend to see how it turns up. Thanks a lot for the tips :)

The chick is soooo cute! And the sweet purple potato flowers are just perfect! :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Unfortunately the sweet purple potato is still very hard to find sometimes :)

aww the homekoro is so cute! I don;t think I can ever eat these bentos, they are just too cute!

@pigpigscorner : Thanks a lot Ann! But all go to my kids' tummy hehehe :D