Tips - Furikake Bottle
I love to collect all kinds of bento related stuffs and one of them is furikake bottle. They are very useful for storing furikake in small amount to take out with bento box. Very handy and cute small bottles. But these cute bottles are the most possible 'asked-by-friend' item from my experience. Whenever the kids brought this furikake bottle to school, their classmates will ask to have it or trade it with other stuffs. Luckily, my kids know that all bento accessories must be brought back home so until now none of their classmates succeed LOL :D
> Every furikake bottle will have a hole on the lid so furikake will come out easily by shaking the bottle. Turn the lid left or right to open and close.
> To fill furikake into the bottle, first open the lid.
> Then use a small spoon or funnel (might come with the furikake bottle or not) to put the furikake inside the bottle. Don't worry if the furikake bottle doesn't come with funnel because almost every bottle come with a large neck so it's easy to fill.
I usually sprinkle the FURIKAKE on the top of the rice and onigiri. But it tastes really good almost on anything. It comes with many varieties, for example (picture below) green furikake : seaweed, red furikake : bonito, yellow furikake : egg, pink furikake : salmon. I love to buy small pack with cartoon characters for the kids. The small pack usually contains 20 packages inside with 4 or 5 flavors. Kids love it and it's very handy, I just need to put these small packages inside the lunch bag and just let's the kids have fun to sprinkle their rice at school and I don't need to put it on the furikake bottle too. Furikake also come in big pack, glass bottle, or plastic container. You can definitely find it in Japanese supermarket or Asian grocery store. Try it and you can have fun with your bento and your foods ;)


Hehee...looks like a toy shop. Everything is so pretty and cute. I love furikake, I used to sprinkle it on my rice.

@Anncoo : Yes, furikake with rice ... perfect! Thanks a lot Ann :)

Oh Lia, I just need to come on vacation to your town so I can buy all these super cute bento supplies you show us!

I just love your bento collection, everything looks so cute! I have never seen these bottles before, shall look out for them :)

@Angi : Hi Angi! Actually we are in the same situation ... not much bento supplies in Jakarta, luckily have a wonderful friend in Japan that always helps me to send it here ;)

@noobcook : Some of them I got it from Daiso. My friend said she saw the Hello Kitty and Pooh one in one of the stationery store at Chinatown, Singapore. Forgot the store name. Thanks Wiffy!

Such a colourful post! :)

Do you know if the flavors you've mentioned usually have those specific colours? I couldn't resist buying some of these cute sachets when I saw them (quite rare in Holland) but now I don't know what is what because I don't read Japanese... :\ And since I'm a veggie I wouldn't like to end up eating beef furikake! LOL

I've got pink (probably salmon then), light green (green tea?), dark green (horseradish?), mustard colour (erm.. mustard seeds?) and orange. That last one has a vague picture that could be meat or fish... Here's a picture, if you care to look.

@gnoegnoe : Thanks a lot for your comment and for visiting my blog! I saw the link you gave me. And that mini pack contains (pink)cod roe, (light green) green shiso + seaweed, (dark green) wasabi nori, (brown) bonito, (orange) salmon yaki. Hope this can help you. I can't read Japanese too but because I love furikake then I try to remember the writing so I know what is inside the pack (^.^)

Have you ever tried the black sesame and salt variety? I think that's my favorite kind.

I don't have any furikake bottles. I must now get some as you've presented them to be absolutely darling.

Those are awesome!!! I love the Mickey Mouse one, he's soooo cute! :D

Lia, anyone scanning this post will think these are toys, hehe! That Mickey one is sooo cute - never seen it before! Your furikake collection is impressive too, wow! I also have that display dish, I think it's perfct for this purpose. Can't decide if Ilike your bento or your tips posts better; they are all so lovely!!

I love all of the cute furikake bottles! Kidlet won't eat that so I will have to think of something else to put in the bottles because they are so cute I must have some! :D

@hapabento : I never tried the black sesame one. I shall looking for it next time. Thanks a lot Debra for the recommendation :)

@susanyuen : Thanks a lot Susan! The mickey one is my favorite too, that's why I put it on the centre hehehe :)

@sherimiya : hahaha ... that half true, it is a 'bento toy' for us. My furikake stocks will run out soon, so have to ask hubby to buy some from his next month trip. I'm glad that you like the posts. Thanks a lot Sheri! Really appreciate it (^.^)

@Jenn : Chocolate sprinkles maybe? Hope you can get some to add to your bento stuffs collection ;) Thanks a lot Jenn!

i never used 'furikake' before. After read this tips, hmmm... i think i've to try it. Tengkyu for the tips mbak Lia =)

@The Bargowo : Thanks for your comment too ... glad to share it with you too :)

I'm just away from my computer for the CNY break and i saw so many nice bento and posts up here! And I'm always amaze with your bento gadgets collections! You are really the bento queen Lia! :D

@Kids Dream Work : Did you have fun on CNY? We are all bento queen hihihi ... :)

as usual i am so jealous of your adorable collection!! and i love when you do "tips" posts like this - so informative, and lovely photography as usual :-)

As my friend says, awesome-sauce! I like the hello kitty one container, and recently I've been eating lots of noritamago furikake~but I should switch it up! thanks Lia!

@megan : I didn't mean to make you jealous Megan hehehe ... *peace* I decided to make some post about bento related items, and me myself amazed how much bento related items we can get ;) Thanks a lot Megan!

@Rachel Yukiko Perez : Noritamago furikake is our favorite too. So, fans of Hello Kitty too? Thanks a lot Rachel to leave a nice comment here :)

woah! You are so lucky to get those funky ones! We only have those from 100Yen shop which is pretty ordinary... :P

I think my boy will scream if he sees the Thomas one!

I just ordered my first furikake yesterday! After seeing this post I couldn't help myself. Love all of your cute bottles, You have a impressive collection of bento goodies!

@Angeleyes : I've got the fancy one from iSetan, Singapore and some are sent by my friend from Japan. In Jakarta, we just have the big pack not the small pack with cute characters ;) Thanks for your comment!

@BentoBeginner : Hahaha ... do you like it? I don't know when I can stop collecting all the bento stuffs. They are just too cute to resist :D

I love your collection! We've been using a variety of furikake but I've yet to purchase any of the cute bottles that I can actually send in the boxes. Guess what's going on my wish list! :)

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot for your kind comment! And thanks for visiting my blog. Furikake bottles are on the way hehehe ... :)

Another beautiful post from you that makes me want to add to my bento collection--what fun!!! Thanks so much :))

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Please join bento addicts hehehehe :)

aww they are so cute! Would love to make a bento one day!

@pigpigscorner : Yes, can't resist the cuteness. Hope you will join us into the bento world soon, must be great ;)

Lia, you're the best! Thanks for enlightening me on which furikakes I own! ;)

@gnoegnoe : Thanks a lot too Gnoe! For your lovely comment :)