Bentolicious #072
Andrew had his swimming mid-test at school this morning. To show some supports for him, I made this froggies bento. Hope he could swim fast with his frog style, breast stroke. The little froggies were made from cucumber and the faces were decorated from crab stick and carrot. Put the froggies on the top of the rice. I used the 2 tiers round box this time. The size of the top tier (green) is smaller than the bottom tier (blue). Inside the top tier : raspberries, tenderloin beef cooked with salted black bean and onion, and stir fry veggies (chayote, corn, baby corn).


Oh my god this is just too cute!!! <3 Sooo adorable little frogs!

I love this bento so much and I love the bento-box even more! Very cute and delicious! Wish him good luck, too! <3

Lia, I love your froggies! They are all so cute and perfect for St Patty's Day too! :D

@Token : Thanks a lot Token for the nice comment and the wishes! He just got home and said he did well ;)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Didn't think about St. Patty's Day because we didn't celebrate it here ... I should put the shamrock in the middle hehehe :D

Hi Lia,

Chanced upon your blog and loved all the cute bentos you made! :)

Can I check with you, how do u cut the froggies' hands? Is it by cutter too?

Tks for sharing all your tips too! I learnt so much reading them! :)

God Bless!


@tona-mama : Thanks a lot Tona for your kind comment! I was cutting the froggies' head with small bear cutter, for their hands with small round cutter then cut freehand at the edge like tulip shapes. Hope this will help :)

Hello Lia,

I came across your blog from my blogger's friend. You have a wonderful blog and I love all your bentos very much. I hope that one day I can be as creative as you and make one for my little darling.


Oh dear, the frogs are SUPER cute!! And I like the flower in the center too! So perfectly done!

@Funn's : Thanks a lot Funn! Very appreciate your comment and your visit to my blog :)

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot again for the nice comment :)

Another nice bento and I love your quote "swim Andrew swim!!". You are creative, Lia.

Oh dear, those froggies are super duper cute, somemore got music note beside.. ^_^ ..Hope Andrew can swim faster than the froggie after having this bento..:P

Aw, those froggies are so cute! I'm sure they are a great support for Andrew ;)
And this Round box is really great! I think round bento boxes are the best ^-^ They make every meal look great in it. To sad I don't have one =/

@Vanessa : hahaha ... it's like Forest Gump's movie except that one is run Forest run :D Thanks a lot Vanessa!

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! He actually got his swimming test before the lunch time. But he peeked the bento when I took the picture :)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! I don't have much round boxes too. Most bento boxes that I got are rectangle and square shapes :)

OMG ... cuteness overload ! :o) Love your froggies and I'm sure Andrew will ace his test with such expert swimming allies in his bento :o)

@Ceinwyn / Ingrid : Thanks a lot Ingrid! He passed the test but the score will be handing out early April.

these froggies and their lily pad are soooo cute lia! i'm sure this really encouraged andrew... i hope he did great on his test! the veggies and beef sound yummy too, and the raspberries are a nice bright pop of color!

These are the cutest and most cheerful looking frogs ever :)

Mmm, those look like delicious raspberries! I love your frogs and even your beef with beans and onions looks so beautifully arranged.

Hi Lia,

Tks for your quick reply! :)

Wow! U r v good w your hands cos u can cut such fine details! "Pei-fu"!

Looking forward to your next bento! :)

Supercute froggies, no wonder Andrew swam so well! Great job to both of you! Love this 2 tier round bento too, nice way to circle the frogs inside :)

The frogs looks so cute ^___^

Recomment: Thank you very much, hope my hair looks well tomorrow at the fashion show ^^

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! He did it great on the test :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy!

@Fluteloop : Thanks a lot for the kind words!

So so cute Lia, love them!

@tona-mama : No worries Tona :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Couldn't think of the other way to put 5 froggies except circled them hehehe :)

@Ribbonlicious : Thanks a lot! Hope you are doing great on your fashion show. Don't forget to post some pictures :)

@Pikko : Thanks a lot Pikko! Very appreciate the nice comment from you :)

OH Lia!!!! The froggies are soooooooooooooooooooooo kawaii!!!
I really admire your patience! I know it is not easy to do so many froggies at one time!

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot! Using cutters helped me so much in saving time to prepare these froggies :)

was having some problems posting comments yesterday - think everyone who saw the cute froggies were probably sending in their comments all at once!! ha ha - froggies are super adorable and glad to know it did help A swim faster and well.

@javapot : Thanks a lot Javapot! Very appreciate your effort to post your comment here. Probably my blog got wet because those froggies were splashing the water hahaha ... :D

Hey Lia, You're so creative and these looks cute. Can I bring the froggies home? hahaa....

Ribbitt! (that means, yay for a very cute froggie bento)

Fantastic as always Lia!

@Anncoo : Of course you can ... the froggies will love it hehehe :) Thanks a lot Ann!

Superb!~ The bento looks so nice!~

Hi Lia, I love those frogs they are so cute and that beef tenderloin looks so tasty.

I also came by to pass on the Sunshine Award to you. I picked you because you have been such a light on my journey though the bento blogging world. I know that sounds corny but it's true.

Please stop by this link and pick up your award.


Oh my charaben master, Lia!
What cheerful froggies! I'm sure that he fully showed his ability with mom-made cheering bento!
I'd love have the tenderloin beef!

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot for both comment and for visiting my blog!

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi! hohoho not master ... just enjoy making the charaben bento for the kids. The tenderloin beef is the only part of the beef that my kids will eat voluntary without any complain and I don't have to put it on my pressure cooker LOL :D

@allingoodfood42 : Oh my! Thanks a lot Marisa ... you have been a wonderful bento friend too. I am so honored that you passed me the award :)

What cute little froggies! The raspberries look so good...I can't wait until we have some in our area.

Dear mbak lia, aq masih terkagum-kagum sama 'skill' yang mbak lia punya untuk ngebuat bento2 ini.

2 jempol untuk mbak lia :)

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou! Love the raspberries, hope you can get it soon :)

@The Bargowo : Thanks a lot Menoq! Mbak juga bisa kok ;)