Bentolicious #073
This giraffe bento was copied from kid's coloring book that I about to throw away when I was cleaning up the kids' bookshelf. I made the lettuce 'green' baran for this bento, hope this counted for B.O.M.B challenge. Just pretend that the box didn't have any separator and the only separator is the lettuce ;) I was cleaning up the last veggies and meats from the refrigerator. Not many foods left so this bento didn't get so much colors. Inside the box : Steamed kabocha with honey, baby carrots, sweetened red cherry, slices of chicken sausage, and thin slices beef & asparagus cooked with Korean BBQ sauce. You can read how to cook Kabocha at Debra's blog - Hapa Bento. Happy Friday!!


Did you use egg sheet for all of them? I love love love how cute the giraffe and leaves are! Soo talented!

@sherimiya : Yes Sheri, I was using colored egg sheet for all of them (orange with tomato sauce, green with food coloring). Thanks a lot for the sweet comment (^.^)

Oh Lia, this is so cute!!! I love the giraffe and all of the leaves! Absolutely sweet and beautiful!

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

for a 'cleaning' bento, very colorful and cute!

Lia, I really love all your Bento creations, you really did a GREAT GREAT job!

hi lia,

like ur blog & also ur sharing very well~ i thinks ur kid must be very enjoy with those bento sets that u done 4 them~

hi lia,

like ur blog & also ur sharing very well~ i thinks ur kid must be very enjoy with those bento sets that u done 4 them~

Oh!~ I love your little giraffe!~

Super cute giraffe and I love how you did the leafs in two different tones of green. Lots of love !! The rest of the contents sounds delicious also. Yummy way to end the week.

Hahaa...looks like the giraffe is enjoying eating the leaves on the tree. So creative!

@mook : Thanks a lot for your kind comment! Very appreciate it :)

@Funn's : Thanks a lot Funn! You are so sweet ;)

@Jasmine81 : Thanks a lot for your kind words! Love your blog too with all the cooking and recipes ;)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot! Yes, it is little hehehe ... Glad that you like it :)

@Ceinwyn / Ingrid : Thanks a lot Ingrid! Enjoy your weekend ;)

@Anncoo : Yes, the little giraffe is having his lunch too hehehe ... Thanks a lot Ann!

*singing* pretty pretty tally giraffey *hahaha ngawur* would you like to be my lunch???

Are those orange dots made from carrot (or egg sheet)? And those leaves too...

Oh, you're always success to present bento with perfect egg sheet. Would you love to share the tips to make "pretty" and "slippery" and "rubbery" egg sheet? Hehehe, tengkiuuuuuu :D

@tatabonita : *giraffe run away* hahaha ... Thanks a lot Tata! Your comment is always so fun to read :) The dots and the leaves were also made of egg sheet. Only add a little bit of corn starch and water and mixed it with egg. Try it and have some fun!

I like your bento! The box itself adds a lot of color. Your giraffe is adorable! Nice job!

What a great giraffe! Your blog inspires me so much. :)

Aw, this giraffe is soooo cute! Love it! And the leafs look gorgeous! So great colors ^-^ Really well done.

Very Cute! What are those yellow things at the right hand side?

Lia, i want to call you sifu already, would you take me as your student, please? ^.* Those colourful egg sheets area really inspire me. I am totally loving it.

My princess told me"those leaves down there were too low, giraffe can't reach them." I said "How about you help to pick it up and feed him?" she reply "Yes!Yes!Yes! I want to feed giraffe"..hahaha..
Have fun during your weekend..^^

Amazing giraffe!! How did you get it to look "bumpy"? It looks almost like puffy paint!

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lindsey for your kind words and for visiting my blog. Love your blog too :)

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot! I also got so many inspirations from others. Love sharing the idea and everything in the bento world hehehe ... :)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! So sweet dear friend ... :)

@Bento Box : Thanks a lot! The yellow things at the right hand side is the leftover of yellow egg sheet. I just put it there to add some color to the slices beef because it's too dark hehehe ... :)

@Rachel Hei : Hahaha ... your little princess is always so cute! Kiss and hug her for me. Thanks a lot Rachel! And 不敢当你的老师拉!LOL :D

@Pikko : Thanks a lot Pikko! Instead of making thin egg sheet, I made it slightly thicker. That will give them a 'bumpy' look (^.^)

Childrens' books are a wonderful inspiration and lovely leafy baran rosettes!


I love your giraffe!! He's sooo cute! My son loves giraffes too! May I know how u cut this giraffe? Free-hand or cutter?

Tks in advance for the advice! :)

What an adorable giraffe! have a great weekend :)

i agree with everyone, the colorful "puffy" giraffe and two-tone leaves are sooo cute, and i would help clean out your fridge any day -- still so many tasty things in there to eat! :-)

I don't understand how you can be so precise with egg sheets, this looks wonderful!

@Judy : Thanks a lot Judy! And I agree with you ... kids' books are so much inspiration in it :)

@tona-mama : Thanks a lot Tona! I cut the giraffe shapes freehand but the dots and the leaves are using small cutters :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! Hope you have fun too this weekend :)

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! Hahaha ... that would be great to have you help me especially for the veggies. I always ended up as the one who eat a lot of last veggies :)

@Fluteloop : Thanks a lot! I experimented a lot with the egg sheet, trial and error ... and I love the results :)

Everyone said it best! I offer a huge ovation for one of the cutest bentos I've ever seen.

So cool. Thank you for sharing your talent.

What a cute giraffe!!!
Love those leafs!!!

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra! And I'm bowing down for the ovation ... Hope I can keep learning about bento :)

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot!

so cute, this giraffe really caught my eye. well done.

@javapot : Thanks a lot Javapot!

Oh my, the giraffe is so so so cute! And I love the leaves too. You've coloured them so nicely! :D

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot for your nice words :)