Bentolicious #078
Easter is around the corner. Everyone seems to enjoy making the bunny theme bento. Join the crowd! I made a bunny theme bento for this morning. Kids will have their Easter holiday from Thursday and will be back to school on Monday, April 5th. I will fly to Singapore on Thursday with Audrey. Have to do something there and just stay for 1 night only. We will back to Jakarta on Friday afternoon. This will be mom and daughter trip only. Andrew will stay in Jakarta with my husband ;) Today's bunny was made of rice molded by hand and decorated with part of egg white from boiled egg (colored), nori, and crab stick. Inside the box : bunny shapes rice, beef frikadelle, carrot, cucumber, two colors corn, tamagoyaki, cherry tomato, and brussel sprouts with smoked ham.

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Hapa Bento. Debra is great in making her healthy beautiful bento. And she is kind to arrange the BOMB Challenge every month. So I really encourage every bento maker to participate and have fun together.


aww, super sweet bunnies!

Lia, you really make GREAT bento on every ccasion!

@Funn's : Thanks a lot Funn! Do you blog somewhere? I can't find your blog. Please let me know later ;)

OMG! OMG! Those bunnies so cute and kawaii.... And the photo presentation is AWESOME! :D

@tatabonita : Didn't get much light this morning, so decided to add some brights flowers hehehe ... Thanks a lot Tata :)

aww.. cute bunny sisters, so pinky.I am working on my bunny bento too since Easter is coming pretty soon.. We are in holiday too here start Friday till next Monday. Enjoy your trip and holiday with your family ya..^^

Oh ya, i have just submitting a bunny bento for the BOMB..hehe~

these are some of the cutest bunnies i have seen! i love the darker background and the flowers you've added graphically. are the bunnies' ears made of egg white, too? their eyelashes are the best part! and the beef perkadel with the crinkle-cut carrot and cuke looks like a cute sandwich :-)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! You have fun too with your family on the upcoming holiday. I will hop to your blog now ... ;)

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! I just edited the text ... the ears were made from part of egg white from boiled egg that I cut and soak into the food coloring. I am confused with my own English, so sorry ;)

Those bunnies are so lovely and the colours look so sweet with the pinkish ears. Enjoy your holiday :)

Aww, look at the little bunny girls. How sweet !

You managed to produce again a wonderful bento. And I must say I am very jealous of your tamagoyaki. I think, no strike that, I know I need to take courses from you :o)

School kids will have two weeks off over her estarting this weekend and I am also looking forward to my three day weekend.

I hope you'll have a nice trip.

The bunnies are so adorable in pink! The details are so nice and I especially like the eyes :)

I love your bentos, they always look so adorable. Where do you buy your bento accessories? Online or in Jakarta? I will go back to Jakarta in June so I will be grateful if you can tell me where you buy those cute bento accessories. A few years ago I didn't see so many shops selling bento stuffs in Jakarta.

Such sweet bunnies, and lots of nice variety in the other side! Lovely bento for BOMB, Lia!

哦,对了。雅加达有个水上乐园theme park是吗?听说很好玩的。



These bunnies are just in time for Easter! super cute and I love the eyelashes :p

What adorable little bunnies!

Lia, your bunnies are adorable!!! SO cute and the bento looks delicious!

Your bunnys are really cute! Have fun on your little mother daughter trip ;)

waaaaaa, so yummy! Happy easter too Lia, I always love to look at your bento creation :)

What adorable bunnies! They make me want to cuddle them. :)

Enjoy your quick trip!

The cuteness and clever prop styling are just overwhelmingly great! Thanks again for the sweetness and smiles your original bentos bring to us!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! I would love to meet you in Singapore but the trip is too short. Next time if I stay for a bit longer than we will meet for sure hehehe ... :)

@Ceinwyn/Ingrid : Thanks a lot Ingrid! Love to read your sweet comment. I found it's easier to make neat tamagoyaki with small burner on my stove. That way, my tamagoyaki will be not too dry. Have fun with your long weekend :)

@Cooking-Gallery : Thanks a lot! The only place you can shop for bento stuffs in Jakarta is at Daiso and you can buy some from Multiply online shop too. But most of the online shop will sell it with Pre-Order system. You can also buy from Malaysia online store like Bento Craft and NST MY. My bento stuffs, mostly sent from friends living in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Very appreciate it :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! Will be waiting some recipes from you for Easter :)

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! I will have some fun with Audrey ;)

@Eugenia Gina : Thanks a lot Gina! Glad that you like it and Happy Easter too (^.^)

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot! Short trip but have to get a lot of fun ;)

Lovely bunnies Lia!!!! And I love the 2 colors corn you have too! I've not seen this type here before. We only have the black one and the one I used to buy, the pearl corn.

Oh yeah, enjoy your trip to S'pore! I miss-miss-miss that place!!!

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot! The colorful corns now is available with dark purple, purple-yellow, pearl corn like yours, and purple-light yellow like the one I used. They are imported from China ... but can't always find them everyday :)

@凶妈妈 : 我还可以读汉子。不是很好的,可是如果你觉得写汉子比较方便 。。。 我没关系吗!你一定可以做到好好吃很漂亮的便当。加油咯!还有谢谢你 (^.^)

@Sugar Cube : Thanks a lot Andrea! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a bunch Ai Ping!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! I wish I can borrow the real flowers from you hehehe ... :D

Thanks Lia for supporting The BOMB! You are so sweet.

Can you give me some of your talent? Maybe just a little bit from your baby finger! :)

@hapabento : It's fun to have a BOMB Challenge every month. Thanks to organize it Debra! Oh no ... I'm not that great. But I will be happy to share all my '10 fingers' to you. I always admire your healthy looking bento :)


@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot! Very appreciate it :)

What a great bunny bento! You do so much in one box! I love it!

The corn is so visually interesting! Do you cut it small after it's cooked?

i'm addicted of ur bento creation mbak :)

how it can looks so pretty?

Happy nice holiday....

Lia, i got 2 awards for you, please feel free to pick it up at my blog ^_^

Your bunnies are adorable, almost too cute to eat!

Of course I would love to get this bento for lunch!

Hi Lia, Happy Easter Day! I've an award for you, please come and pick it up when you're free.
Sorry I miss your latest message! Actually I can meet you at the airport before you leave for home. Too bad :(

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey!

@Fluteloop : Thanks a lot! Yes, I cut it small after it cooked. This way, I don't have to put the whole corn :)

@The Bargowo : Thanks a lot Menoq! You are so sweet ... You can too, don't give up making your lovely bento :)

@Anncoo : WOW another award? Thanks a lot Ann! I will pick it up soon. Next time when I have more than 1 day trip, I will sure arrange time to meet you and eat? hehehe ... :D

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! WOW ... 2 awards? Are those the Easter gift for me hohoho ... :D I feel honored to receive them from you.

Hope you enjoyed the short trip.

Don't show me such adorable bunnies , since I really get to want them...
Please make one for me!! ^.<

@babykins : Hi Izumi! Thanks a lot ... I will be happy to make you one. Is bunny your favorite animal? hehehe ... just guessing :)