Bentolicious #080
No characters bento for today. I prepared bacon and carrot fried rice covered with the omelet. Or should I called it omurice? I made the green egg sheet first and then made the flower shapes with my cutters. While I was making the omelet, I put some of the green egg sheet flowers on the top of the omelet. I learned this technique from Susan Yuen. She has done it before with the spam/ham bear head, if I was not mistaken. This was fun to do, you would never get bored putting different shapes on the top of the omelet plus you did not have to worry because they would stick together with the omelet.

Inside the box : bacon and carrot fried rice covered with the omelet (omurice), chicken stick nuggets, prawn balls, green beans, oranges, and purple corn. Tomato sauce were put inside the tomato sauce cup.


It sounds so nutritious and the colors are so pretty. The two little people are so cute. How did you color the egg sheet green? I like this bento.

Yes, great idea with the egg sheets and omurice! You don't need characters when you have those cute cute picks!!

That has to be the most beautiful omelet I've ever seen! Wow.

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! You are right ... those 2 picks are enough hehehe :)

@allingoodfood42 : Thanks a lot Marisa! I just mixed the egg with food coloring for the green egg sheet. If you mixed it with green tea, you will get the dark green color :)

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra!

You always made perfect egg sheets! And I'm so envy of the cute food picks! :P

Gorgeous omelet and what a great idea to put them on the omelet while backing. I might have to try that one of these days :o)

Sounds simple and cute, especially that two little people. Is it edible? I hope not :D

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! Don't worry those food picks will be otw to your place soon hehehe ;)

@Ceinwyn/Ingrid : Thanks a lot Ingrid! Please try it ... it's fun to make the omelet looks a little bit different :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! Those 2 little people are actually food picks hehehe ... so they are not edible (^.^)

So cute and springlike! Simple but amazing :)

I guess I really need to find out how to make egg sheet.

this is the most elegant omurice i have ever seen! your egg sheets always come out as thin and consistent as paper, and the edges of the flowers here are perfect. also, purple corn - what a great contrast!

@gnoegnoe : Thanks a lot Gnoe! I love using egg sheet ... I can get so many colors and easy to make shapes :) Hope you can try it!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! Finished up all the colorful corns in the fridge. I should stop now or kids will get sick with the corns LOL :D

the omelet reminds me of the birthday cake using fondant icing..:))
it's simply gorgeous!

@Deby Suwito : Thanks a lot Deby! Since you mentioned it ... I think you are right, some people might think is fondant icing :)

Great idea with the egg! I love the flower shapes. So creative, Lia!

Beautiful box Lia! The flowers add such a touch of spring! I like how exact you place everything. I would love to eat this one, sounds good too!

I love the fantasy-world feel of this beautiful bento, how you've created optical illusions and played with scale here! Like everyone else, I admire the perfection of your omeurice, and all the sweet refined details that make this unmistakably "Lia"!

Gorgeous bento Lia! It is so beautiful, love all of the details with the flowers.

well done on the egg sheet Lia, just back from a long weekend and got to catch up with all the cutey post that i have missed here.. hehe~

Lia, are you OK??
I heard the news of the earthquake just now. I worry so much.

Wonderful omurice!
I'll steal that idea!

@Melanie : Thanks a lot Melanie :)

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey! Will be happy to 'virtually' send it to you hehehe :)

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Always so kind with your comment ... not always perfect but kids happy to eat it :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan for the idea :)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! I am sure that you had a great fun long weekend :)

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi for your comment and concern! I just heard too, the earthquake is in Aceh but it's far from Jakarta. Hope nothing bad happened there. Aceh had a big earthquake and tsunami last time.

Lia, what kind of puncher u r using? Realize the shape is same but different size.... I really admire your bento skill...

@Vanessa : The cutters are fondant cutters with the set of 4 from tiny-small-medium-large. The color is white with the pusher on the top. Thanks a lot Vanessa (^.^)

You always make jealous with your perfect egg sheet hehehehehe ^^v. Btw, those pick kids seem like they are playing hide and seek. Very cute! :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Peek-a-boo then hehehe :D

Your bento are always do amazing. How do u get such perfect egg sheet? Tutorial pleaseeeev:)

Do u add the green flowers while cooking ?