Book #002
I mentioned before on my previous Book #001 post that one of my favorite bento book writers is Akinoichigo. Her new book 子どもがよろこぶ魔法のおべんとう was released on 19 February, 2010 and you can buy it online from or from Kinokuniya Bookstore. Her bento-making is such an inspiration for me. Bento books were my only source to learn bento making before I got into the bento blogging. I bought her first bento book from Kinokuniya and fell in love ever since. I collected all 5 books that she wrote, never missed it. If you are interested to buy her books, I have provided the links to for all of her books listed below. Unfortunately, all the books are in Japanese. I can't read Japanese too but I don't see this is as a big problem because her books are full with great bento pictures, tips, ideas and recipes. Figuring out how to make it with the limitation of foreign language is one of the challenges, IMHO.

1st Book
のわくわく! キャラクターのおべんとう

2nd Book

3rd Book

4th Book



The recipes might be a bit tricky if one doesn't speak Japanese, no? I had a look at her site and browsed the books on amazon. She really makes super cute things. Thanks for the links.

@Ceinwyn/Ingrid : Wow you are quick Ingrid! I will not too worry about the recipes because I will always put something that kids like to eat. Don't have to be the exact same recipes but able to read it will be an advantage of course ... Her blog is great to see and learn too (^.^)

i wish to find the bento book quite a long time ... but really hard to find with picture. thanks for sharing and love ur blog vyvy much ^_^

Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and infos! :D OMG Mameshiba!!! they are sooo cute!!! ^///^ I love mameshiba!!! <3

WOW! So many books you've collected! So cute to look at :))

@仪仪妈咪 : Thanks a lot 仪仪妈咪! Is there any Kinokuniya Bookstore there? Please check it! They usually have quite a lot bento books. Hope you can find it soon :)

@Token : Ahh ... mame-shiba are your favorite? Yes, they are so cute. Hope to see mame-shiba bento soon in your bento hehehe ... :) Thanks Token!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Anncoo! The books are so cute, so I can't resist to buy them ;) ... *making an excuse*

i agree lia, akinoichigo-san's work is one of my greatest inspirations, and it's a challenge to figure out how to do things from pictures alone. i wish the books had a "google translate" button like you can press for her blog, haha! thanks for sharing your collection -- i must say, though, that your work is very individual and while akinoichigo may have informed some of your techniques, you've really created a special lia style!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan for your sweet comment! hahaha ... I thought that too. It will be very convenience for us then if there is translator button on her books :D Hope she will make her bento books in English version next time. That will be wonderful!

Nice book sharing dear, i will like to look for some bento books soon, so i can refer to those books when i am out of idea.. :P

@Rachel Hei : That will be great! I really recommended Akinoichigo's bento books to add for your collection :) Thanks Rachel!

I might try these out! It might be a great way to get myself to learn Japanese, as well. ^_^

@Melanie : You are so motivated. I wish I have that motivation to learn Japanese but always make so many excuses until now hehehe ... Hope you can find the books helpful :)

Wow, now I need to start looking for these books! I love the pictures on the front the books -- so very fun looking.:)

Great books!
Thanks for showing. Since I had no charaben book, I want one of them. I have lots of books of cooking and baking, though...^^

li, itu... ada totoronyaa... *speechless :D!

@Kuusou : You can find a lot of cute bento inside for reference. Really nice books!

@babykins : You are so lucky! I think it will be easier for you to get those kyaraben bento books. Too bad I can't read Japanese ... but I will check on your blog for recipes. That will do hehehe :)

@Eugenia Gina : Iye Gin, bukunya aku recommend banget. Kalo demen bikin yg kyaraben bento :)

Wish I didn't see these books Lia -- I don't have a single bento book but when I see them here I feel a need coming on to open them and stare at the pictures!! I would become addicted to these books for sure! Better click away from this page...

Do you speak Japanese? Wow!!!
I have one cute Japanese cookbook how to make fancy sushi, but off course it was translated to English *big grin*

Cute book!

@sherimiya : hahaha ... I knew you love cute stuffs too. These books are irresistible for sure ;)

@Indonesia-Eats : No Pep, I don't. I wish I can :)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot!

Had a peek of some of these books at Kinokuniya the other day. Hope I'll have my first bento book soon! :)

Thanks for the recommendations Lia! I think for beginners or people like me who have never made a bento lunchbox, these books are a great learning point. Have a great weekend!

@Kids Dream Work : Hope you will too ... and have fun with the books :)

@Xiao Yen Recipes : I hope the bento books will help you in bento making. I also got a lot benefits from the books :) Have a great weeekend too!

I have that Mameshiba Bento book!! I love Mameshiba AND bentos, so I had to have it! lol. ^_^ I agree with you (can't read much Japanese either), the photos are wonderful, so it's OK if you can't read Japanese!! BTW, have you seen the Mameshiba commercials? They are soo funny!!

@lovefordinner : Agree ... Mameshiba are so adorable! And nope, I haven't seen the Mameshiba commercials. We just have NHK TV Channel on the cable TV. And very seldom to watch it :)

I think your creations already look as nice as those from the book covers, you should write your own book one day :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! I am flattered but I still need to learn a lot from those great bento makers out there ;)

I don't read Japanese too but I can't help myself from buying these cute bento books too!

Just bought a few from Kino during my trip to KL!

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! Hehehe ... :) We just love everything about bento, don't we?

Re: Mameshiba Commercials
I've seen them in Japanese on tv here in Japan, but here is the website for the English subtitled comercials! So cute and funny!
Enjoy!!! ^_^

@lovefordinner : Oh my! So cute ... I watched it with my kids and we just laugh out loud. Thanks a lot for sending me the link :)

Lia, can u tell me about the book #3 and #4? Because I've got an email from Kinokuniya Jakarta that they have those 2 books. I dont know what book should I choose. Any recommend?

@mushima hawani : If you wanna choose only one then I think you better to get bento book #3 first because so many variations of kyaraben bento inside. The book #4 is all about mameshiba characters. Hope this help you to decide which one that are you going to buy :)

Lia, ada buku yg bs direkomen ga buat bento snack yg ringan2? ♡⌣☺τ̩̩haп̥̥̲̣̥k<3ÿ̲̣̣̣συ̲̣☺⌣♡..