Tips - Nori Cutter Set
I have these nori cutters in my collections for quite sometimes. As you can see, I have 4 characters which are Hello Kitty, Stitch, Mickey Mouse, and Winnie The Pooh. They come with a single box containing nori mat, big size cutter, small size cutter, and the stick to push the nori out of the big cutter. I would say that the small cutter is fun to use but the big one is not so good except for Mickey Mouse one. The big cutter is harder to use, harder to get a perfect shapes of the character, and the cut out is not very neat. I have tried in different ways but I'm still not happy with the results. I got info that the Pikachu one is out now. But I don't have plan to buy it for my bento stuffs collections.

(1) Put the nori on the top of the nori mat.
(2) Put the small / big cutters on the top of the nori, and press down to make a cut out.
(3) Use the stick to push the nori out from the big cutter.
(4) You get the nori cut out from the two cutters.
On the scale of 1-10, I will rate these cutters on 5 only.


those are such cute pieces in your bento tool collection! this post was very informative -- if they're not easy for a bento master like you to use, then surely i would make a mess of things ;-)

sooo cute, where do u buy all this bento stuff? :)

I want Winnie the pooh since I live in the city of Winnie the pooh. :)

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! I fell in love with it because they are cute but so sad that they are not working as well as I wish :)

@Belle : I bought most of my bento stuffs from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong with a help of some friends living there. And some of them were from online store like Bento Craft, NST MY. Thanks Belle!

@Indonesia-Eats : Oh yah! You should have a lot of Pooh cute stuffs then. Thanks Pep :)

I always wondered how they work! Thanks for showing us. So cute :)

@sherimiya : Love to share it! Thanks Sheri :)

SO neat! Those are great nori cutters! :D

@Susan Yuen : Thanks Susan!

Those nori cutters are so cute! Even the boxes look so adorable! Thanks for sharing the tips, I'm yet to have these nor cutters in my bento collections because I always wonder how they work. But since they get a rating of 5, will think twice if to buy one! :D

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! I'm just a little bit disappointed with the big cutter but besides that it's nice to have them in the collections ;)

envy you with all the bento collections..^_^'s nice of u sharing the tips with us..

@Deby Suwito : Thanks a lot Deby! Love to share it with all great bento friends :)